Santa Clara D.A’s Office picks top ranking Asian

Mr. Tsui’s American immigrant’s story began as a 14-year-old boy

ANA launches Tokyo-San Jose service

(中文) 全日空航空ANA,將於明年1月11日,開通聖荷西往返東京的直飛航線…

San Jose homicides hit 15 year high


Asians become majority workforce in Silicon Valley

According to Census Bureau statistics, the percentage of Asian Americans high-tech workers in Silicon Valley grew from 39 percent in 2000 to over 50 percent in 2010…

Bay Area to Los Angeles for $1

The buses plying the route are double deckers with wifi and power outlets…

App engineers become competitive in Silicon Valley

(中文) 在矽谷的就業市場,應用軟件工程師的職位,始終都保持在招聘職務的前三名,今天的科技風雲,要帶您了解這個工作,以及年輕人要如何入行….

Qi Lu shares his survive skills in Silicon Valley

Qi Lu, President of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, shared his experience on how to survive in Silicon Valley

Founder/CEO of Baidu – secrets of his success


Nai Hsueh for water board

Nai Hsueh for water board…

Wuxi hopes to be the “Eastern Silicon Valley”

A delegation from Wuxi city, China is recruiting high tech professionals from the Silicon Valley. In order to become the “Eastern Silicon Valley”, the Wuxi government offers a lot of incentives to investors and professionals who decide to start businesses there. A bay area businessman who operates a startup company in Wuxi offers his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of running a high tech company in China.