A Chinese woman lost $50,000 cash to scammers


One more case of jewelry scam in San Francisco: A Chinese woman lost $50,000 cash and some jewelry when she turned in the valuables for blessing ceremony…

The technology of the we share solar suitcase

(中文) 為了紀念金恩博士,推廣人人平等的精神,聖荷西科技博物館,召集了一批學生參與組裝太陽能手提箱,送給非洲缺乏電力的學校及孤兒院….

49ers head to Super Bowl, beating Falcons 28-24


Shooting at the Bay Fair BART station

Shooting at the Bay Fair BART station…

UC won’t raise 2013-14 tuition

(中文) 加大校董會昨天開會決定,明年大學部不加學費,不過研究所可沒那麼幸運了….

Chinese gun owners’ opinions on Obama’s gun control plan

What is Chinese gun lovers’ view on the national gun control debate…

SFUSD educates K-12 students about cyber bullying

What is cyber bullying?

Belmont: Indecent exposure suspect

Belmont police have released a security camera image that might show a suspect who allegedly exposed himself to a woman last weekend…

Hayward: 64-year-old Chinese woman missing

Hayward police are asking for the public’s help in locating a 64-year-old woman who left an adult independent living facility on Tuesday morning…

Quan travels to Capitol Hill to seek federal aid

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said she’s trying to get more federal help in fighting her city’s crime problem while she’s in Washington, D.C…