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Earthquake preparedness

Emergency Preparedness "ready to go" kit.

(中文) 今日是三藩市1906年大地震108週年,雖然無法預料地震何時會再來臨,但民眾可以裝備好自己…

San Leandro teacher charged with sexual relationship with teen


A teacher at San Leandro High School has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenager…

Man walking dog attacked, dog stabbed to death

man walking dog nb

A man attacked while walking his dog in San Francisco’s Mission District early this morning was uninjured…

SF seeks bilingual poll workers for June election

SF voters nb

The San Francisco Department of Elections is looking for poll workers for the upcoming June election…

BART got fined with $210k

Bart track nb

(中文) 兩名捷運人員去年十月捷運罷工期間,進行路軌維修工程時被列車撞死,捷運就此事現在被罰款21萬元..

Juvenile killed in apparent homicide

Police in Antioch are investigating the fatal shooting of a juvenile boy Wednesday night…

Infant dies in locked car while father goes to work

baby in the car nb

San Jose police are investigating the death of a 9-month-old boy who was locked in a vehicle while his father was working…

One person killed after sailboat collides during race


One person was killed and one injured this evening when a sailboat taking part in a race near Redwood City collided…

BART unveils new train car design

BART new design nb

BART unveils new train car design…

Police say naked teen may be victim of sex trafficking

rape crime nb

Teen found in Berkeley may be victim of sex trafficking…