US marks anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 attacks

Families of the victims of the worst terror attack on the United States in history gathered Wednesday to mark their 12th anniversary with a moment of silence…

More than 200,000 people apply for a one-way trip to Mars

More than 200-thousand people already lining up for a one-way ticket to Mars….

Bay Area scam trends

Bay Area scam trends…

Five-year-old boy called a piano prodigy

His feet can’t even reach the pedals, but a five-year-old boy is already being called a piano prodigy….

Fremont: police release photos of snake scam robbery suspect

Police have released video surveillance photos of a woman who claimed to be searching for a poisonous snake and then burglarized a home in Fremont in late August…

Man killed by remote control helicopter in NY park

A remote control helicopter being flown in a New York City park has struck a teenager in the head and killed him….

CA man captures lightning strike on cellphone

A lightning strike literally knocks a man off his feet in Julian, California.

Syria is said to be hiding weapons, moving troops

Syria is said to be hiding weapons, moving troops…

Why school students skip lunch

Students at a San Francisco school are skipping lunch. What is the reason behind…

Cat found in NY with arrow shot through abdomen

A cat that was found with an arrow shot through its body is recovering at a central New York veterinarian’s office…