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French police recover remains from plane crash victims

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French police working to recover remains from the Germanwings crash site say so far they have recovered between 400 and 600…

The Latest: German airlines plan 2-pilot cockpit rule

DEU Airbus A320

Germany’s biggest airlines, including Lufthansa and Air Berlin, say they plan to introduce a two-pilot rule in the cockpit following…

A list of pilots intentionally crashing

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A list of pilots intentionally crashing…

White House says crash not linked to terrorism

DEU Airbus A320

The U.S. doesn’t believe there’s a link to terrorism in the Germanwings crash in France that killed all 150 people aboard the plane….

Pilot learned to fly glider as teen, seemed happy with job

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Andreas Lubitz first took to the skies as a teenage glider pilot flying from an idyllic grass runway in Germany…

Alone at controls, co-pilot sought to ‘destroy’ the plane


French prosecutor says co-pilot deliberately flew Germanwings plane into the mountain…

Germanwings Crash: Audio file recovered from black box


French investigators cracked open a mangled black box and extracted audio from its cockpit voice recorder…

American crash victims include US government contractor, daughter


The Associated Press has learned that two Americans presumed to have died in the plane crash…

Germanwings: Victims include three Americans


A look at what is known about the victims’ nationalities in the Germanwings crash…

Lufthansa: Plane crash treated as an accident

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A Lufthansa vice president says the company is treating the crash of a Germanwings jet in France that carried 150 people…