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New Taiwan president omits one-China principle in speech


Taiwan’s new independence-leaning President Tsai Ing-wen tread carefully around the thorny issue of relations with China…

Taiwan installs 1st woman president amid tension with China


Taiwan inaugurated Tsai Ing-wen as its first female president on Friday, returning the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party…

Florida man kills sick wife, says they couldn’t buy meds


An 86-year-old man is charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly shot his wife in the head…

SF workers step up repair work on potholes


Potholes have been appearing on city streets in the Bay Area. How is San Francisco responding to these driving hazards…

Bison euthanized after tourists take it away from its herd


A bison calf that tourists loaded into their vehicle at Yellowstone National Park because they were…

SFPD investigates stabbing on Muni bus

fatal stabbing nb

Police in San Francisco are investigating a stabbing that occurred early Tuesday morning on a Muni bus line..

Woman robbed of purse in SF Sunset District

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A woman was waiting for a bus at Irving and 23th avenue when she was robbed by two suspects in broad day light…

Bicyclist injured after collision with SFPD patrol car


Police are investigating a traffic collision involving a bicyclist and a San Francisco police patrol car…

Bee experts eradicate bee swarm in Concord


A swarm of aggressive bees that was threatening residents of a Concord neighborhood was eradicated…

NYC: Times Square hugger punches tourist who won’t tip


A man offering “free hugs” in New York’s Times Square is accused of punching a Canadian tourist…