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Lawsuit accuses CVS of overcharging for generic drugs


A lawsuit accuses CVS of deliberately overcharging some pharmacy customers for generic drugs…

Income inequality in Bay Area exceeds national levels

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A new report says income inequality in the Bay Area is now more severe than in the rest of the nation…

US home prices rose 4.9 pct. in May

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U.S. home prices rose steadily in May, pushed higher by a healthy increase in sales this year…

China stocks volatile after big fall


China’s stock market was volatile Tuesday after falling the most in eight years the day before…

Chinese Market plunges as investors show signs of panic


The Shanghai share index fell the most since early 2007 on Monday as Chinese stocks suffered a renewed sell-off…

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4M vehicles to prevent hacking

(Fiat Chrysler Automotive)

Fiat Chrysler has decided to recall about 1.4 million cars and trucks in the U.S…

16 startups gathering in San Francisco competing $1M funding

Stephen Ayers, Dianne Feinstein, Bob Bennett, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi

16 startups from across the globe with a mission to create positive change are gathering in San Francisco…

US egg prices are soaring caused by avian flu

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Egg prices in the U.S. are expected to continue to rise because of the ongoing shortage caused by the avian flu…

Target defends selling women’s ‘Trophy’ shirt

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Target says it had no intention of offending anyone by selling a women’s shirt with the word “Trophy” written on the front of it….

Report: Social Security disability fund could dry up in 2016

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The government says people who receive Social Security disability face steep benefit cuts next year unless Congress acts…