Bus carrying Chinese tourists crashes in US

bus crash nb

Authorities say a bus carrying mostly Chinese tourists flipped on its side on a busy highway in Grand Teton National Park…

PG&E electrical works talks about work

pg&e worker nb

PG&E Chinese electrical works Peter talks about his work in San Francisco….

Isla Vista shooting rampage victim George Chen’s burial service

陳喬其父母在兒子骨灰安葬儀式前宣讀一封公開信, "End the Senseless Killing of Innocent Lives (KTSF)

One of Chinese victims in Isla vista shooting rampage George Chen’s burial service is held today…

California man sentenced to 15 years for espionage


A federal judge on sentenced a California chemical engineer for a rare economic-espionage conviction…

Four arrested in San Francisco CalFresh fraud

calfresh nb

Four San Francisco men have been arrested for allegedly defrauding the state food stamp program…

Coroner: Electric Daisy attendee OD’d on Ecstasy

Electric Daisy Carnival attendee nb

Authorities say a 24-year-old California man who was found unresponsive in the parking lot of the Electric Daisy…

Pimping case preliminary hearing

brothel case nb

Husband and Wife Charged with Pimping and Pandering are in court today for their preliminary hearing…

SF: Driver crashes car into Nob Hill Chinese restaurant


A driver crashed her car into a restaurant in San Francisco’s Nob Hill at the start of lunchtime…

So. S.F. renter refusing to pay and move out

pay money nb

South San Francisco renter refuses to pay to the landlord or move out…

San Francisco honors Asiana crash first responders


Within two minutes of the initial impact after the Asiana crash and nearly a minute before the first fire truck arrived, Airfield Safety Officers Henry Choy and Alexis Esguerra were there. They were honored at San Francisco Board of Supervisor meeting today…