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Asian Art Museum offers “First Look” to its contemporary art collection


“First Look” will showcase 57 contemporary art pieces from the museum’s collection…

SF: Hit-and-run crash severed victim’s leg


A victim’s leg was severed during a hit and run accident along San Bruno Avenue in SF…

Bay Area Chinese reacts on Beijing military parade


A military parade is scheduled in Beijing this Thursday, local Chinese who headed to Beijing have different reaction….

SF: Pedestrian injured in hit-and-run crash

(S) hit and run nb

A hit-and-run accident happened Monday morning along San Bruno Avenue in SF…

SF Judge Lillian Sing to retire in mid September

舊金山高等法院法官郭麗蓮將於9月17日正式退休 (KTSF)

Judge Lillian Sing announces retirement after more than 30 years as a San Francisco jurist…

Trial begins for CA doctor in drug deaths of 3 men


Attorneys are set to deliver opening statements Monday in the trial of a California doctor charged with murder…

How to relieve anxiety in a volatile stock market


Dr. Li shares her advice on how to relieve anxiety generated from the volatile stock market…

Taiwan former prime minister visits Bay Area

TW former prime minister

Taiwan former prime minister visits the bay area…

San Leandro man assaulted at restaurant

(S) crime-police-line-nb

This video shows how a man was dragged out of a restaurant and assaulted…

Consulate: US citizen maybe eligible to receive pension from China

中國駐舊金山總領館簽證和詢問處大廳 (KTSF)

Many Chinese retirees living in the Bay Area visited SF China Consulate office asking about their pension claim…