Blast outside school in China kills at least 2

A three-wheeled truck caught fire and exploded Tuesday outside a school in southern China, killing at least two people and injuring 17…

Rubber Duck makes its official debut in Beijing

The high-profile giant Rubber Duck made its official debut on Friday on Yuanbo Lake in Beijing’s Garden Expo Park ..

Shaanxi man claims he took “hell bank note” from ATM

ATM machines in banks of mainland China often reported out of order, without timely repairs. This time, a man in Shaanxi claimed that he got 11 “hell bank notes”…

Kai-fu Lee diagnosed with cancer

Kai-fu Lee, chief executive officer of Innovation Works, is diagnosed with cancer, confirmed by Innovation Works spokesman Wang Zhaohui.

6 indicted in death of Chinese man in detention

Chinese prosecutors have indicted six men in the death of a state industry executive who was allegedly dunked in ice water during questioning in a case

China’s ‘Brother Watch’ gets 14-year prison term

A Chinese provincial official whose grinning at the scene of a deadly bus crash sparked an outcry and, eventually, led to corruption…

China austerity plan affects mooncake sales

The austerity plan instituted by the government has affected the sales of mooncakes in China…

Teenage rescued from narrow gaps in northeast China

A teenager was rescued from narrow gaps in between two walls in Dalian, a port city in northeast China.

Drug addict arrested after a three-hour standoff with police

An alleged drug addict was arrested Tuesday for raiding a convenience store at a gas station in Fuzhou…

Chinese man with muscular dystrophy hangs himself

A disabled man in eastern China hanged himself after sending police a text message saying he wished to donate his organs…