Shanxi opens toilet-themed restaurant

Enjoy the taste of nausea and deliciousness at once, the famous toilet-themed restaurant was opened Shanxi…

BYD develops super sports cars to challenge Tesla

Chinese BYD develops super sports cars to challenge Tesla…

Chinese developer declared new richest tycoon

Chinese real estate developer who bought one of the biggest U.S. cinema chains last year has emerged as the country’s new richest tycoon.

Pan Shiyi interviewed by China state media amid internet crackdown

Famous for his position as president of property developer SOHO China, Pan Shiyi, one of the richest men in the country…

Chinese restaurant suspected of selling moldy Guiling pastes

A well-known brand was suspected of reselling moldy Guiling pastes by washing them with bare hands.

Death toll from Chinese explosion rises to 7

Authorities in a southern Chinese city said Wednesday that a deadly explosion was sparked while workers …

China woman survived in car crash with a miracle somersault

In Jiangsu, a woman escaped from her motorbike with a somersault right before it crashed to a truck.

Former Chinese Premier launches book on his country’s reforms

A former premier of China launched his book “Zhu Rongji on the Record: The Road to Reform, 1991 to 1997″…

Chinese boy gets implants after eyes gouged out

A 6-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out received implants Tuesday at a hospital in southern China …

Shaoyang citizens get compensated by completing phone interviews

To encourage citizens doing polls on phone, the government compensates 300 RMB for whoever completed a phone interview for over 5 minutes.