Eight-year-old Chinese boy rescued from deep well

An eight-year-old boy was successfully rescued on Sunday by firefighters 14 hours after falling into a 27-m-deep well….

1 dead, 1 missing in stunt plane crash in China

A U.S. stunt pilot was missing and his Chinese translator dead after their aircraft crashed into a lake in China’s northeast…

Controversy for “nudity” scene in Chinese cartoon

A cartoon aired in the Mainland China has exposed “nudity” scene of cartoon characters, causing controversy.

Human impact of genetically modified food in China

the public worried that those genetically modified food will cause potential threat to human bodies as well.

China road accident kills 16 including 11 students

[;zh]上週日,四川渠縣一輛大客車在行駛過程中與一輛貨車相撞,側翻後墜橋,事故造成16人死亡,其中11人為學生…Sixteen people were killed in a traffic accident in Quxian County of southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Sunday…

Chinese man who threw baby to ground goes on trial

A Beijing court on Monday began hearing the homicide case of a man accused of lifting a 34-month-old toddler…

Timeline:Faye Wong, Li Yapeng divorce

Celebrity couple Faye Wong, Li Yapeng divorce after eight years of marriage…

Fare evasions in rush hours at Shanghai metro

some people played smart and fought hard to cross the gate without paying.

19 brand new cars burnt on expressway in east China

A total of 19 brand new cars were burnt down on an expressway in Maanshan, east China’s Anhui Province, Friday…

Xinjiang Siamese twins, only one can live

A pair of Siamese twins were born in Xinjiang, but sharing the same and only heart. The doctor said only one of them can be saved…