Mainland Chinese government hires “Web Analyst”

Over 2 million Chinese applied for “Web Info Analyst”, who control Internet content that favors the government.

Chinese dissident has ties to 3 new US institutions

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng (chehn gwahng-chung) says he has new affiliations with three U.S….

Mainlander tourists take time to comply tourism law

The new tourism law in mainland China encourages tourists to travel in a more “civilized” way; however, apparently it may take more time to accommodate and fully comply.

Attractions across China overwhelmed by huge crowds

Tourists flock to attractions across China as the 7-day National Day Holiday started on Tuesday…

China launches a new travel law

China launched a new travel law yesterday, in which shopping arrangements are now permitted….

A dog breastfeeds new-born tiger in south China

A dog has been chosen to breastfeed a pair of new-born South China tiger brothers, an endangered species …

Woman trapped beside China’s Yellow River rescued

A woman who became trapped in deep silts beside the Yellow River was rescued by firefighters on Monday in…

74 missing after China’s boat sinks in storm

Seventy-four people are missing after three Chinese fishing boats sank in the South China Sea amid stormy weather…

Commemorative coins for Year of the Horse

China to issue commemorative coins for coming Year of Horse…

Dramatic rescue of construction worker in China

A construction worker was saved by rescuers on Wednesday morning, after he was left hanging outside an eighth floor window when …