Xi calls for China-EU bridges of peace


Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium…

Guangzhou hotel’s elevator malfunctions, two killed


An elevator in Guangzhou, China suddenly fell down and crashed on top of four workers, two of them died….

Chinese military inspectors find irregularities


Inspectors have uncovered widespread irregularities and suspected corruption among military units based around Beijing…

Chinese residents protest over chemical plant


The protests centered on a proposal to build a plant in Maoming city in Guangdong province to manufacture paraxylene…

President Xi meets top EU leaders, free-Tibet demonstration


China’s president met with the top officials of the European Union on Monday to discuss the two sides’ close business ties…

Dozens of Chinese females scammed by con artist


Twenty females in China were scammed by a con artist who said he was a movie director and looking for an actress for his new movie…

China brings graft charges against general


Chinese prosecutors brought corruption charges Monday against Lt. Gen. Gu Junshan…

Chinese mining tycoon on trial for running criminal gang


A mining tycoon, his brother and 34 associates stood trial in China on Monday on allegations of running a vast criminal gang in Sichuan province…

WTO rules China violates ‘rare earth’ trade rules


WTO ruled Wednesday that China has violated international trade rules with its restrictions on the export of rare earths…

Taiwan President reacts to anti-trade pact protest


Taiwan President Ma Yingjeou said he wants to resolve the trade pact dispute through dialogue in response to the recent mass protests…