Hong Kong student leader and girlfriend attacked on street


Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong and his girlfriend were attacked by an anonymous man in Tai Kok Tsui early Sunday.

Chinese girl contracts AIDS through blood transfusion


A 5-year-old girl in China contracted aids though blood transfusion. The hospital denied any responsibilities…

China lashes out at US racial bias in human rights report


Racial discrimination and police abuses are rife in the United States, China’s Cabinet said Friday…

China proposes tougher law to combat human trafficking


China has proposed tougher law to combat children kidnapping and human trafficking…

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang announces divorce

liu xiang nb

Former Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang, one of China’s best-known athletes, announced Thursday he is getting…

Drinking water on Cathay Pacific planes contaminated


Drinking water serving on 14 of Cathay Pacific’s planes was tested positive bacteria contamination…

Apartment fire kills 13 in central Chinese city


An early morning fire killed 13 people in an apartment building in central China on Thursday…

HK Officials remove last pro democracy encampments


Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday cleared away the last remaining pro-democracy protester tents…

China see shortage of farm workers


Workers are hard to find in the farming industry in China…

China displays latest set of panda twins


China has put on display the latest twin pandas born through artificial insemination…