Another blast hits Chinese city where explosions killed 7


An explosion damaged a six-story building Thursday in southern China, less than a day after more than a dozen blasts…

Full report on Lamma Ferry tragedy released


(中文) 香港南丫島撞船事故3週年前夕,香港政府決定全面公開,撞船事故調查委員會的完整報告…

Chinese state run paper responds to Li Ka Shing’s statement


Chinese state run newspaper Global Times responds to Li Ka Shing’s statement…

China holding 2 Japanese citizens on spying allegations

(S) hacker-threat-nb

China has arrested two Japanese citizens on spying allegations, officials said Wednesday..

Explosions kill 7, injure dozens in Guangxi


More than a dozen blasts triggered by explosive devices delivered in mail packages killed at least seven people…

Li Ka Shing defends his business strategy


Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing defended his business strategy against accusations from China’s state media…

Chinese nurses are slapped and forced to hold dead child


A nurse in China was slapped and forced to hold a dead child by bereaved family members…

China expels Supreme Court deputy justice over corruption


Prosecutors will investigate a former justice of China’s Supreme Court on corruption charges…

China crackdown on illegal pregnancy website


Chinese authorities crack down on illegal pregnancy website…

Hong Kong activists mark anniversary of protests


Hundreds of activists gathered outside Hong Kong’s government offices on Monday to mark the one-year anniversary…