Questions raised over C.Y. Leung payment from Australian firm


The payment from a Australian firm to Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung has raised questions whether it should be disclosed…

China ruling party expels official for graft


China’s ruling Communists have expelled the former party head of the southern city of Guangzhou over graft allegations…

Chinese tourists – biggest spenders in the world


Chinese tourists has become the biggest spenders in the world, according to a new report…

Media alleges CY Leung recieved undisclosed payment


An Australian newspaper reported that CY Leung had recieved a payment from an Australian firm but failed to disclose…

Strong earthquake shakes southwestern China


A strong, shallow earthquake shook China’s Yunnan province late Tuesday evening, killing at least one person…

China wax exhibition disappoints many


Attendees are disappointed at the poor workmanship of the wax figures at the exhibition in China…

Traveling in China is getting more pricey


The fees for some popular tourist destinations in China are getting more and more expensive…

The business of flipping luxury cars


The market for luxury cars is growing. And it’s not just car dealers who are cashing in on the profits….

California homes sold to all-cash Chinese buyers

home sale nb

California Homes sold to Chinese all-cash buyers…

China top leadership meet on eve of National Day


Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin made a rare appearance at the National Day banquet…