Passengers refuse to leave after cruise ship skips stop


More than 100 passengers refuse to disembark upon their return because the cruise ship skip one stop in Vietnam…

Chinese civil servants required to give new year gifts to their boss

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(中文) 中央不停指要反腐倡廉。今年的春節,各級官員的確有收歛,不過又未至於完全絕跡。有內地公務員指,新年時,面對上司都要”識做”…

Veteran HK actor Wu Ma dies of cancer

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Veteran HK actor Wu Ma died of cancer…

Man stops runaway car in Shanghai

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A man in Shanghai prevented a potential disaster on Saturday as he miraculously stopped a runaway car with his foot….

Magician’s trick fails at China’s Spring Festival Gala

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Magician’s trick failed at China’s Spring Festival Gala…

2012 Top cities for international tourists are…

Hongkong nb

Hong Kong and Singapore attract the most international travelers, according to Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Ranking for 2012..

Sophie Marcean sang at China’s Spring Festival Gala

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French star Sophie Marceau sang the famous French song La Vie En Rose on Thursday night at China’s Spring Festival Gala in Beijing…

Li Na slapped 12 yrs ago by ex-leader of her hometown

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(中文) 有內地傳媒就找到一段十二年前的片段,當時一名前湖北省體育局局長,在頒獎時打了李娜一下…

Traffic policewomen perform in flash mob dance in China

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A group of traffic policewomen on Tuesday morning presented a flash mob dance on the streets …

CCTV New Year’s Gala program

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CCTV New Year’s Gala program…