Xinjiang attack in games room caught on camera


China’s state broadcaster released security footage showing a knife attack on people in a card room in Xinjiang…

Hunan chemical plant shut down after lead poisoning


A chemical plant in Hunan has been closed down over suspicion that it caused the lead poisoning of hundreds of local children…

China executes 13 over terrorism, violent crimes

xinjiang terrorism nb

China executed 13 people on Monday over terrorism and violent crimes in the far western…

Macau high-speed ferry hits seawall


A high-speed ferry heading to Macau crashed into a breakwater Friday…

Hong Kong protesters storm Legco complex


Hundreds of protesters tried to forced their way into the Legco building to voice their opposition to new development projects in Hong Kong New Territories…

China arrests civil rights lawyer who fought labor camps


Pu Zhiqiang arrested by Beijing police on charges that fellow activists say are trumped up in an attempt to silence the vocal government critic…

Xi Jinping talks about his past in old TV interview


Chinese president Xi Jinping gave an interview in 2004 where he talked about his youth…

Man detonates self-made explosion in Wenzhou


An explosion occurred in Wenzhou, China, injuring no one and the suspect was caught on the spot….

White paper affirms China rules on Hong Kong


China reaffirms it’s rule on Hong Kong in the White Paper publication by the State Department…

Dog meat festival will go on in Guangxi


Local government has decided not to put a halt to the controversial dog meat festival in Guangxi, China…