Human Rights

Life term for China scholar chills ethnic dialogue


A court found economics professor Ilham Tohti guilty of separatism and sentenced him to life in prison…

Chinese minority scholar indicted for separatism

An outspoken Chinese minority scholar Ilham Tohti was indicted on separatism charges…

Taiwan: Wang Dan needs US travel document to visit


Taiwan immigration department says Chinese exiled dissident Wang Dan needs proper US re-entry permit to enter Taiwan…

China dissident seeks medical visit in Taiwan


Wang Dan, an exiled democracy activist from China, is seeking a trip to Taiwan to receive medical treatment….

China cracks down on online rumors, porn


Dong Rubin was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison and fined him 350,000 yuan for illegal business operations…

Tibetan activist gets home arrest as Kerry arrives


A well-known Tibetan writer and her husband have been placed under house arrest in Beijing…

China jails citizen activists up to 6 1/2 years


A court in China imposed jail terms on three activists who have urged government officials to publicly disclose their assets…

China arrests civil rights lawyer who fought labor camps


Pu Zhiqiang arrested by Beijing police on charges that fellow activists say are trumped up in an attempt to silence the vocal government critic…

China denies bail to prominent activist lawyer


Rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang has been denied bail which signal he will be indicted in a case…

Tight security in Beijing on Tiananmen anniversary


Security was tight in Tiananmen Square on the 25th anniversary of the violent crushing of the pro-democracy protests…