China News

Man wounds woman with a knife in Shenzhen


A man stabbed and wounded one woman in Shenzhen, China on Wednesday…

Chinese drug dealers invent new way of selling drugs


Drug dealers in China are mixing drugs with instant drinks mixtures to sell illegal substances….

Manila mayor off to Hong Kong to apologize


The mayor of Manila flew to Hong Kong Tuesday to apologize to the families of eight Hong Kong tourists…

China mall sells knockoff designer bags


Handbags that cost thousands of dollars can be yours for only one-tenth of the price…

China robot restaurant hits market

robot restaurant nb

China robot restaurant hits market…

Chinese police begin carrying guns during patrols


A quarter of the police in Shanghai began carrying guns during routine patrols for the first time this week as part of a China-wide boost …

China: Coal mine explosion kills 14 miners


Fourteen people were confirmed dead in a coal mine gas explosion in southwest China’s Yunnan Province on Monday…

Japan PM sends offering to war shrine


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a religious offering Monday to a Tokyo shrine that honors executed war criminals…

Chinese business CEO’s visit Bay Area


Dozens CEOs of prominent Chinese companies are in the Bay Area to look for business and investment opportunities…

Seven die in shooting at China-Vietnam border


A Chinese man who was being repatriated from Vietnam along with 15 other migrants seized a gun from a border guard…