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China road rage incident caught on camera


A female driver were badly beaten by a male driver during a road rage incident in China…

Shenzhen numerous streets share same name


Numerous streets in Shenzhen, China share the same name, bring confusions to drivers…

China to lift price controls on most drugs starting June 1


Chinese regulators will lift price controls on most pharmaceutical drugs starting June 1…

Five more arrested in Hong Kong kidnap case


Five more men were arrested who allegedly kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy businessman for ransom in Hong Kong…

Shanghai: Officials’ close relatives can’t run businesses

China-Corruption nb

Shanghai officials have implemented China’s toughest ban on the business activities of government officials…

China warns teacher who let student hold parasol for her

shanghai teacher nb

A Chinese grade school teacher was admonished Tuesday for letting a student hold a parasol for her on…

Hong Kong handover negotiator Lu Ping dies at age 88


Lu Ping, the official representing Beijing on the negotiation of the hangover of Hong Kong from Britain to China, has died at the age of 88.

One suspect arrested in Hong Kong kidnap case


One suspect who was allegedly involved in the kidnapping case in Hong Kong has been arrested…

In China, Taiwan party leader calls for more global access


台灣國民黨主席朱立倫到北京與中共總書記習近平會面,朱立倫是繼連戰和吳伯雄後,第三個同中共領導人作最高層會晤的國民黨主席…The head of Taiwan’s ruling Nationalist Party met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday…

2 killed, 3 injured in Zhejiang amusement park accident


Two people were killed and three injured at a amusement park in Zhejiang when a thrilled ride machine switched on…