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Another deadly blaze strikes Beijing, killing 5

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Five people died in an east Beijing fire on Wednesday, underscoring the challenges for the Chinese capital as it struggles to…

China marks Nanking Massacre’s 80th anniversary


Chinese officials struck a tempered tone on the 80th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre on Wednesday…

China new nuclear power plant raises safety concern


A new nuclear power plant in Taishan is raising safety concern after cracks were found at one of he equipments…

Beijing street protest against migrant evictions


There were numerous protests in Beijing on Sunday against the widespread evictions in the city…

China, Russia conduct joint anti-missile drill

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(中文) 中國及俄羅斯軍方週一起,一連6日在北京舉行聯合反導電腦演習,透過虛擬空間模擬真實威脅,應對兩國受到的突發、挑釁性導彈攻擊…[;en]China and Russia is conducting an anti-missile drill to prevent future missile attack…

China gas shortage creates heating crisis

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The gas shortage in China is creating a heating problem as winter weather

Aging population brings fiscal problem to China


The aging population in China is bringing fiscal problems to the government…

Analyst says tax cut in other countries may bring investment money out of China


An analyst said tax cut in other countries may bring investment money out of China…

Canada’s Trudeau says no rushing into trade talks with China


Canada has high hopes for a trade agreement with China but won’t rush into negotiations that could affect their economies…

Trudeau: China trade pact should reflect ‘Canadian values’


Canada hopes a trade agreement with China will reflect “Canadian values” in the areas of labor rights, environmental protection…