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Report says the number of billionaires spikes up in China


A new report said the number the number of billionaires has increase 8 folds in the past 10 years in China…

Carrie Lam: ‘Not appropriate” to challenge China on missing bookseller


The detention of Hong Kong booksellers in China is not an issue the city’s government should take up, says Carrie Lam…

China resume US beef imports, first time in 14 years


China is allowing imports of U.S. beef for the first time in almost 14 years..

Incoming Hong Kong Chief Executive unveiled new cabinet


[;zh]中國國務院任命香港特區新一屆政府主要官員,3位司長原班過渡,13位局長之中,只有羅致光一人由外界加入政府…Incoming Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam unveiled her new cabinet members…

China tour agency says won’t take more US tourists to NKorea


The organizers of a trip to North Korea by an American college student who died after being released from prison…

Jiangsu woman fell ill after eating crawl fish


A woman in Jiangsu fell in sick after eating crawl fish that might contained parasites…

Close to 4,000 people kill in cross roads in China in past 3 years


Police said close to 4,000 people hit and killed by cars in cross roads in China in the past 3 years…

Chinese President Xi Jinping praises father in letter


Chinese President Xi Jinping praises his father in a newly-written letter her wrote in 2001…

Luncheon meat sample tested positive of veterinary drugs


A luncheon meat sample was tested positive of veterinary drugs in Hong Kong…

Dozens Chinese tourists killed in accident in Thailand


More than 30 Chinese tourists were killed in accidents while traveling in Thailand…