China News

China plans to rank lawyers causes controversy


China plans to rank lawyers and restricts certain lawyers from handling key cases…

Hong Kong government offers subsidy to working families


Low-income working families in Hong Kong can apply for government subsidies to help pay expenses starting next year…

Beijing court hears appeal by senior journalist Gao Yu


A Beijing court on Tuesday heard the appeal of a 71-year-old Chinese journalist imprisoned…

How to fly free forever: Put $170 million on your AmEx


Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian, who doesn’t exactly struggle to afford a plane ticket…

China confirms deadly Xinjiang attack, says suspects killed

Chinese police have killed all but one of the 29 suspects in a deadly attack on a coal mine

China breaks up $64 billion underground banking network


Authorities in China have cracked the country’s biggest-ever underground banking network…

China issues book commemorating reformist leader Hu Yaobang


President Xi Jinping and other top Chinese leaders gathered Friday to commemorate reformist leader Hu Yaobang…

Sichuan man fights off robber caught on cam


Video shows a man in Sichuan, China fight off a robber while he withdrew cash from an ATM machine…

China bans delivery man tossing packages


A new law in China will fine shipping dispatchers who are caught tossing packages during delivery…

Obama calls on China to halt land reclamation


US president Barack Obama said on Wednesday he and Philippines President Benigno Aquino III had agreed on…