China News

Oldest ever giant panda celebrates 37th birthday


The oldest giant panda ever in captivity celebrates her 37th birthday…

Hubei department store apologizes for escalator accident


Hubei department store apologizes for escalator accident…

China stocks volatile after big fall


China’s stock market was volatile Tuesday after falling the most in eight years the day before…

Used car sold as new to Chinese buyer


A car buyer in China thought she bought a brand new car, turned out the car was previously owned…

Chinese woman dies after trapped in escalator, but saves son


A Chinese woman died after being trapped in a shopping mall escalator, but not before pushing her 2-year-old son to safety…

Man restrained after trying to set fire on China flight


A man attempted to set a fire on board a Chinese flight early Sunday, but was restrained by passengers…

Chinese Market plunges as investors show signs of panic


The Shanghai share index fell the most since early 2007 on Monday as Chinese stocks suffered a renewed sell-off…

Taylor Swift “TS 1989″ merchandise controversy in China


Taylor Swift’s new clothing line goes on sale in China next month, but she’s already learning just how…

Wuhan students take up poverty challenge


15 students in Wuhan have taken up a poverty challenge where they can only spend $100 RMB in 15 days.

Unscrupulous merchant reuses soiled toilet paper to make tissue for sale


An unscrupulous merchant was accused of using soiled toilet paper to make tissue for sale…