China News

China plastic surgery is on the rise


China has become the third biggest plastic surgery market in the world…

Passersby fall into street sink hole in China


Five people were swallowed up by a sink hole that suddenly opened up in the pavement in Harbin…

Waiter poured boiling water on customer over dispute


Video showed a waiter at a hot pot restaurant poured boiling water over a female customer in Wenzhou, China…

HK man allegedly dismembered woman in Guangdong


A man from Hong Kong allegedly killed and dismembered a woman a Guangdong, China…

China cuts interest rates again to spur economic growth


China cut interest rates for a fifth time in nine months Tuesday in a new effort to shore up slowing economic growth…

International surrogacy is a booming industry in the US


Couples from around the world, especially the Chinese, are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have American women…

China military parade will showcase newest weapons


China will showcase its newest weaponry in the upcoming military parade on next Thursday…

Key Chinese manufacturing index falls to 77-month low


China’s manufacturing contracted by an unexpectedly large margin this month….

China to tackle the aging population


China is facing an aging population and is thinking of ways to minimize the impact on the economy…

Toxic chemical levels high in Chinese city hit by blast


Tianjin blast site discover 40 different toxic chemical…