Maggie Q shatters Asian stereotypes in Hollywood


Maggie Q shares her story about fighting for roles in Hollywood as an Asian American…

Police video of Bieber’s urine test released

Bieber urine test nb

Miami prosecutors have released police video of Justin Bieber giving urine for a drug test, with …

Police arrest woman found in Bieber’s rented home

bieber woman arrested nb

Police in suburban Atlanta have apprehended a woman they say was found sleeping in a bedroom at a home rented …

NY Times prints Northup correction 161 years later

12-years-a-slave nb

The New York Times has printed a correction for misspelling 161 years ago the name of a free black man who was sold into slavery …

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie crashes Twitter

Oscar selfie nb

A selfie picture of host Ellen DeGeneres and stars including Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper taken during Hollywood’s…

“Non-Stop”: Hijacker kills a passenger every 20 minutes

Non-Stop-2014-Movie-Poster nb

飾演空警的Liam Neeson,已經61歲,竟然在五年前的《Taken》動作片中飾演英雄人物,取得迴響。之後每年的春季…

Justin Bieber jail video shows unsteady walk


Justin Bieber walks unsteadily and even appears to stumble while performing a sobriety test shortly after his January arrest…

Silicon Valley’s Cinequest Film Festival

film nb

中國導演華亞的影片 《平行迷宮 Parallel Maze》,探討是否有個平行世界在運作,色彩迷離。

Volcano disaster re-imagined in “Pompeii”

Pompeii-2014-Movie-Poster1 nb


“A Simple Life” stage drama plays in the bay area


電影「桃姐」的延續版舞台劇「桃姐與我」,將會在今個週末在灣區上演。現實生活中的”少爺”李恩霖,為何希望把桃姐的故事,由現實生活搬上大銀幕後,再搬到舞台?… Inspired by the true story of producer Roger Lee and his servant, the film “A Simple Life” depicts the relationship between Roger and a woman who has worked for four generations of Roger’s family. Now the story becomes a drama to be performed in the Bay Area…