California teen invents cell phone supercharger

A California teen recognized by Intel for her achievements in computer science may have solved a problem many of us have.

She has invented a super charger that could cut the amount of time it takes to charge a cell phone.

Every so often we meet someone who you just know is destined for big things.

“I’m really interested in energy storage and nano materials for energy storage.”

Not something you typically hear out of an 18 year old’s mouth?

From Saratoga, California – Eesha Khare.

Eesha Khare is a senior at san jose’s lynnbrook high school.

She came to our attention after winning an intel young scientist award… beating out more than 1600 students from around the world.

Eesha created what’s called a super capacitor… a tiny version of one anyway. The idea for it came from something we all experience.

“Many teenagers these days have cell phones. I have a cell phone too, and my cell phone battery often dies on me,” said Eesha.

The dead cell phone…. Eesha’s breakthrough could one day make charging it…. super fast… 20- 30 seconds fast

“There’s batteries, capacitors and super capacitors and I think super just sounded really cool to me. And I never heard of it before and I decided to go and see what that is,” said Eesha.

The judges were impressed… and noted that her technology has wide implications.

Energy storage is a really big field so it could be used in green energy, wind turbine, it could be used in electric cars — there’s a lot of different energy that it could be used for.

Born and raised in silicon valley, eesha says she was constantly inspired by those around her. but not just to pursue her goals.

“Right now I’m a girl in science and I think that’s great a lot more girls are getting into science, but I think there’s a lot of stigma being a girl – being a woman in science- so I really wanted to break that in the world in science,” said Eesha.

Besides having a perfect grade point average and being a class valedictorian, Eesha’s also is a member of the school’s varsity field hockey team and she’s also an accomplished dancer. Not surprisingly, she had a few choices when it came to picking a college.

Can you tell me what schools what college you applied to.

I applied to and got accepted to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, yale, and cal tech and all the UC’s I applied to. I ended up selecting Harvard.

Essha’s takeaway from intel– 50,000 dollars? Money that she says will help pay for college.

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