California strange traffic sign gets attention



A traffic sign near a pre-school has some drivers asking questions.

Kimberly easton has more on the big yellow sign attracting attention.

As a driver isn’t our job to obey all posted street signs…but how do you do that with this one…privately posted in front of a pre-school …”please slow drively?” uhm, i’m confused…

We got the same perplexed reaction from others….

“It looks like they might have done it on purpose, is it funny? yes it’s funny.”

It says please slow drively. it says it wrong. it says please slow drively. not please drive slowly.”

“With people these days I’m pretty sure it was done on purpose.”

Rather the sign was meant to be funny or not…these people think there’s just something really odd about it being placed in front of a daycare.

“I think they need to go to preschool.

“i think it’s kinda bad for the children.”

“Maybe they are preschoolers?”

” it’s not that funny I think, it should be serious to drive slowly.

I would keep on driving, slowly” (laughing)

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