CA says it won’t be able to supply enough water

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP)  Amid California’s drought, state officials have announced they won’t be able to provide water to agencies serving 25 million people and nearly 1 million acres of farmland.

Friday’s announcement marks the first time in the 54-year history of the State Water Project that such action has been taken.

State Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin says there simply is not enough water in the system now. He says the action was taken to conserve water in the state’s reservoirs, which are far below normal levels.

Most of the towns and farms that draw from the State Water Project have other sources of water. But those also are limited because of the dry conditions.

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  1. Stephen Tsoy says:

    Everybody need to save water in constructive manner in lieu of what the government said to reduce 10% of their usage only. There are no standard what is 10%.
    My usual habit at home are as follows:
    1.) I only use 1 gallon of water to clean my car (in lieu of washing) whenever required;
    2.) After cleaning my car, I will use the muddy water to water the flower bed in my backyard;
    3.) I seldom use the running water to wash my hands. I will use a water bucket in the bath-tough to collect the hand washing water (after using the toilet). When the waste water is collected up to certain volume, I will use it to flush the closet.
    4.) Generally we will not use running water to clean vegetables / fruit / food / table tools. We will use a small bucket to hold water to wash / rinse them. After washing, if there are no fats there, we will use it to water the flower beds.

    Of course, there are many many other ways to save water.

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