California family stranded in river rescued

A California family is grateful to cal fire.

An emergency team was dispatched to the american river saturday to help rescue the family.

Anna Kolesnikov, her daughters and a nephew, stranded in the north fork of the American river, also stuck, two bystanders who tried to rescue them.

Cal fire mapped strategy to overcome the rapids.

The Kolesnikov became stranded around 3:30 when the river suddenly rose several feet because of upstream water reLEASES.

We decided to go back, but water go higher.

One of the stranded men managed to get to shore.

We were trying to get them to this side.

The other man with an ankle injury was rescued.

After two hours of trying to find the right angle for rescue, these rescuers were exhausted.

I had a temperature earlier today on the rim of the canyon of 108 degrees and I don’t doubt it was similar down here.

So the fatigue of the rescues and the folks helping out was definitely a big factor.

With a c-h-p helicopter standing by, the firefighters finally reached the family and began moving them to safety one-by-one. They had been stranded on the rock for four hours.

I knew we were gonna get help, so I wasn’t really scared.

Reporter: How did that feel to be rescued?

It felt great, very grateful.

I’m glad my kids are fine.

Park rangers say this location just below the bridge is dangerous because the water can suddenly rise. Thanks to cal fire, this family walked away.

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