Calif. day care toddler tests positive for pot


Authorities have closed a Southern California day care center after a 2-year-old girl tested positive for marijuana.

Glendale police say the girl’s parents noticed she was lethargic after bringing her home from Bina’s Family Child Care in the La Crescenta area on Tuesday. She tested positive for the active ingredient of pot at a hospital.

On Wednesday, authorities declared the center uninhabitable. Investigators say there was no electricity or working toilets, the kitchen was filthy, knives were improperly stored and there were rodent droppings.

Police also say they found marijuana pipes.

The operator, 50-year-old Roubena Hartounian (hahr-TOON’-ee-uhn), was arrested on suspicion of child neglect and endangerment.

She was released on $100,000 bail and couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

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