CA man captures lightning strike on cellphone

A lightning strike literally knocks a man off his feet in Julian, California.

The clouds were rolling in tuesday near lake cuyamaca when…

Lightning knocks hans nansen off his feet.

“We are at Chambers Park on Lake Cuyamaca.”

He was out here with a friend when they saw lightning on the horizon.

“That’s why I had my phone out. I said, ‘I’m going to catch some of these cool strikes.”

“We weren’t standing here in the rain going, ‘Woohooo! It’s raining and thundering.’ No, we seemed pretty safe. There was blue sky above us.”

I made him take me back out there. of course it started raining.

Hopefully lightning doesn’t strike twice.

“I was standing right, right here. Those are the trees right there on the video.

“And boom, I mean, it had to have hit right here.

“It knocked me back. My phone went. I ended up back there somewhere.”

Too close! I felt that!

Take a look again. nansen says the electricity dinged his phone.

“I could feel it. I could taste it. whoa! taste? Yeah, it was kind of a metallic, yeah.”

“I saw that bolt go into my shoe.”

Which might explain why his girlfriend isn’t standing too close to him now.

He can laugh now. he’s lucky he lived.

“I wasn’t happy. It was pretty scary.”

lightning kills roughly 24-thousand people around the world every year.

“Everyone keeps saying, ‘Buy lottery tickets.’ And I did.”

A good idea for a guy who just defied the odds.

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  1. George says:

    全世界 每年因遭雷擊而死亡的人數達到2.4萬。

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