CA couple gets $11,000 water bill

It was like a bucket of cold water to the face when an elderly couple in california opened their water bill.

The bill showed glenn and lois page owed more than 11-thousand-dollars for one billing cycle!
it indicated they used enough water to fill 80 tanker trucks.

Mr. Page described what it was like to get such an astronomically high bill.

I looked at it, i laid it down, i picked it back up, looked at it, can’t be.
usage is 440,090 gallons. woohee!

Glenn went to manteca city hall and complained.

The city admitted its mistake immediately, blaming the computer system and a radio-transmitted reader.

The finance director says 99-point-nine percent of its bills are accurate and these mistakes are typically caught by an employee before being sent out.

The 11-thousand-dollar bill has been canceled and their new bill is for 71 dollars.

We’re sure the couple is very relieved.

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