CA community colleges to cut repeat enrollment

(KTSF by Michelle Yue)

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors today heard regulatory changes that would prevent students from repeatedly enrolling in courses that they have already completed successfully.

The changes primarily focus on physical education, performing and visual arts classes that students had been allowed to take up to four times.

“We are currently turning away hundreds of thousands of students from our campuses,” California Community Colleges Board of Governors President Scott Himelstein said in a press release. “It doesn’t make sense for us to allow students to take the same physical education course four times on the taxpayer’s dime while we are closing our doors on those looking for a degree or seeking job skills.”

Many students however expressed concerns about the proposal. Many who major in arts and physical education say that their majors often  require repeated sessions and it is necessary for them to enroll multiple times.

The regulation changes will go before the California Community Colleges Board of Governors for a second reading in July, and if approved, will take effect in the fall of 2013.

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