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“Business and Lifestyle” is your weekly TV reference guide to all things business. Featured are profiles of successful businesses, tips from established entrepreneurs on how to grow your business, avoiding the common pitfalls of a first-time business owner. All these subjects and more will be covered by host Grace Zhao in a straight-forward, up-beat, magazine style format show. The industries of finance, real estate, beauty, health and nutrition will be highlighted throughout the first season.

How to Get Your Business on Business and Lifestyle

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Show #301- 12/14/14

CH Premier

In West Field Valley Fair CH Premier, we will see some world famous luxury watches and jewelries.

Harvard Square2

Ms. Jiang talks about how they successfully help students to apply colleges.

Hsu’s Ginseng

Paul Hsu, founder of Hsu’s Ginseng talks about his recent trip to bay area for Hsu’s Ginseng’s 40 year celebration event.

Host : Grace Zhao

Grace Zhao graduated from Beijing Film Academy. She has experience acting in film, television dramas and commercials, and was a TV host at a Beijing TV station as well. Grace joined KTSF in 2007 as a TV producer. She produces KTSF television shows: “Business and Lifestyle,” “Kaitlyn’s Beauty Journal,” and “Bay Area Drop-In”. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies and traveling.