Bus in Guizhou catches fire, killing 5


A public bus caught fire was swiftly engulfed in flames on Thursday in the southwestern Chinese city of Guiyang, killing five people and injuring 32, officials said.

One witness said that the bus was no more than 20 metres (yards) from him when he heard an explosion.

Footage broadcasted by China Central Television showed the bright blue and green vehicle enveloped in blazing flames and black smoke while firefighters tried to put the fire out.

Dozens of police officers could be seen at the scene.

The cause of the fire was not clear and was under investigation, Guiyang authorities said on an official microblog.

City police and fire officials said the fire was extinguished, but could not offer more details when reached over the phone.

Media reports said the bus was carrying about 50 passengers when it caught fire near an elementary school.

Last year, a man set fire to a commuter bus in the southeastern port city of Xiamen, killing himself and 46 others.

A deadly bus fire in 2009 killed 27, including the arsonist, in the central city of Chengdu.

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