Burmese group protests to Chinese Consulate

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

A recent crackdown following 11 days of protest s in Sagaing Region, Burma, lead to a protest in the Bay Area demanding responsible acts by Chinese companies investing in Burma.

About 10 members and supporters of the Burmese American Democratic Alliance gathered outside the Chinese Consulate, protesting against a joint venture copper mine project between Wanbao Mining Copper Ltd. of China, and the military owned Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd. The protestors claim the project is will create environmental destruction, cause health hazards to villagers, and force relocations and illegal land confiscation.

“Such investments should elevate livelihood of the people, not just filling the pockets of the military and generals,” says Nyunt Than, Chairman of the BADA.

Since November 19, hundreds of monks and villagers protested at the copper mine, and Burmese police moved in early last Thursday and dispersed sleeping protesters with teargas, smoke bombs while setting their tents on fire, injuring dozens of people .

Human rights groups condemned the police of using unnecessary force . Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been appointed to lead an investigation into the violent crackdown, as well as resolve the dispute.

BADA calls the copper mine project agreement unfair, and asks the Burmese government to release its details, which was signed between Wanbao and the former Burmese military government.

Wanbao has denied the accusations earlier, saying the company had compensated villagers and that the mining operations strickly adhere to international standards.

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