Boy injured by a fountain water spout in east China


A boy, who was injured by a fountain water spout in east China’s Shandong Province last week, is still in a serious condition in hospital.

The eight-year-old boy, surnamed Li, was playing on the city square in Changyi County, Weifang City when he was hit by a sudden burst of water from a fountain water spout last Wednesday. The fountain, which is usually shut off on weekdays, pushed the boy one to two meters high into the air.

The boy’s father was running a little stall on the square, and his grandmother was looking after him at the time of the accident. The fountain water spout hit the boy in a unexpected sudden burst.

With the help of other residents on the square, the boy was sent to hospital.

“I was running at that time, but I fell over and sat on one of the fountain spouts. Water suddenly sprayed out and I was pushed up. I fainted when I fell onto the ground,” said the boy.

He said that many children were playing around the fountain, without any warning of the danger.

According to doctor, the high pressure water spout injured the boy’s rectum and internal organs, and he is still in a serious condition.

“During surgery we discovered his rectum had a 10 centimeter break, so we repaired that. Five days after the operation, he is still in a dangerous condition, with a body temperature above 38 degrees.That means he has abdominal infections or his abdominal injury is quite serious,” said Yan Qingtao, associate chief physician of pediatric surgery department in Weifang People’s Hospital.

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