Black Friday is now Black Thursday

Some say Thanksgiving is a time for family, football and food. Some stores though, say it’s for shopping. Big retail chains are opening their doors on Thanksgiving night, starting Black Friday early.

More and more, Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday.

Large retail chains including Toys r Us, Target, Kmart, Walmart, and Sears are opening their doors to deals on Thanksgiving night.

“Retailers are trying to anticipate and meet the expectations of their customers. And so three years ago we saw a number of retailers test drive Thursday openings.”

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2009, 3% of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers hit the stores on Thursday. In 2010 was 9%, and in 2011, was 24%.

“It’s great for us but not great for the workers.”

“Some of my coworkers do not mind working however there are many others who do mind who want to spend it with their families.”

Target employee Sarah Wiley is among the more than 360,000 people who’ve signed an online petition on, asking Target to “take the high road and save Thanksgiving.”

Wiley was able to switch schedules so she doesn’t have to work– but is pushing back against a larger trend.

“Thanksgiving is one of the few retail days off, where many employees can just stay at home and enjoy the day with their family, where they don’t have to work. And that’s one of the few remaining holidays. And now that’s being cut into even more and more. Last year it started at 12 now it’s up to “9.”

A spokesman for Target says its 9 pm opening time nationwide was quote “carefully evaluated with our guests, team and the business in mind.”

But some stores are resisting this change. Keeping the holiday shopping tradition to after turkey eating hours. In fact JCPenny tweeted out: Thanksgiving is for thanking. Not shopping.

“It’s just not worth my time to leave Thanksgiving dinner or your Thanksgiving company to buy a purchase.”

(Would you ever come out on Thanksgiving and shop?)

“No, absolutely not. No reason for that. You can do it all on the internet now.”

In fact, Thanksgiving is becoming one of the bigger online shopping days of the year. So some retailers say instead of letting shoppers do commerce on the couch, it makes sense to get them in the stores. `

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