Bicyclist in fatal accident may face felony charge

(KTSF by Sean Au)

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has indicated that the bicyclist involved in the fatal accident in the city’s Castro district last month which led to the death of a 71-year-old man may face felony charges.

Sutchi Hui and his wife were crossing Castro Street on the morning of March 29 when Hui was knocked down by a bicyclist. D.A. Gascon says he is reviewing the evidence of the case, which includes video footage from a security camera from a nearby business, as well as statements from witnesses.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that witnesses told police that before the bicyclist Chris Bucchere arrived at the intersection where the accident happened, he was seen flying through several red lights and stop signs. If the D.A.’s office finds this to be true, it would elevate the bicyclist’s negligence to the extent of being reckless. That would be a felony charge.

“We are still reviewing the case,” says Gason. “If we determine that in fact the negligence in this case rises to the level of reckless negligence, then the case will be prosecuted as a felony.”

Gascon says he is likely to make a decision within the next few days. If convicted of vehicular manslaughter through reckless negligence, the bicyclist faces up to 16 months in jail.

At the Chinatown travel agency where the deceased last worked, his niece Anna Chao told KTSF that the family is still in grief. Hui’s wife, Betty, also works in the same office. She has not been back at work since the accident.

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