Bay Area writer Gao Derong dies

(KTSF by Sean Au)

70 year old Gao Derong died Tuesday night surrounded by her four sons, her ex-husband, her current boyfriend and a dear friend.

Her youngest son Paul Su told KTSF, “She said twice: ‘I love you all, I’m very comfortable.’ That is very typical of my mother. She does not want us to worry. She always puts the comfort of others ahead of her own.”

Gao Derong was born in Sichuan, China in 1941 and grew up in Beijing. She married in Hong Kong in 1964 and had four sons. The family then moved to the U.S. where Gao met then Managing Editor of Singtao, Cheng Huaicheng. She was invited to write a column in the papers, something she did for 20 years.

Cheng, who is now retired, said that Gao is known for writing the truth in a sincere manner. She gave her frank opinion on issues and did not beat around the bush. In 2009, Gao published a collection of her essays which was well received by Bay Area Chinese readers.

Gao told KTSF in a previous feature story, that her life is one of a housewife and a mother. She could only write about what she knew and how she felt.

Gao was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. After a series of chemotherapy treatments and an operation, she was declared free of cancer earlier this year. But the cancer returned two months after that and had become end stage cancer within a short time. On Tuesday, she felt that her time was up and asked for her loved ones to come say their goodbyes.

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  1. 于天龍 says:


    于天龍Sunny Yu

  2. Paula Yuen says:

    Sunny, 说起跟高老师教普通话,我想我是你的师姐吧!在差不多30年前,高老师在香港教我跟一个很要好的朋友普通话,因为我的广东话发不出“Z”音及卷不到舌发“R”音,她为了要看看怎样帮我就学了一个如何如何教外国人学普通话的课程!我真的很感动!有些时候在星期六下班后赶不来吃午饭就要到她家里上课,她会做一些东西给我俩吃, 这每一点每一滴,我们都会深深寄在心里!高老师,RIP

    • 于天龍 says:


      于天龍Sunny Yu

  3. annie says:


  4. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank fans and friends of my mom for your love and support during this most difficult time. We join you, her loving friends and readers, in mourning the passing of a kind, passionate and life-loving soul in our midst. God bless you!

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