Bay Area Drop In Season 3

“Bay Area Drop In” highlights the beautiful and varied neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosts Sammy Hastings, Kaitlyn Chen and Sandeep Sood provide home buying and real estate tips as they guide viewers through the streets and suburban locations of the Bay Area.

Air Time
Saturdays at 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Season 3

Episode 1 – Parkside, SF
In this episode of Bay Area Drop In we will drop in on the Parkside neighborhood, which is commonly mistaken for part of the Sunset. We’ll hang out at one of the most famous parks in the neighborhood and taste some authentic Irish delights. Sandeep will share some tips for remodeling your home.
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Episode 2 – Santa Clara
This week we’re dropping in on Santa Clara and visiting one of their most popular living and shopping districts; Santana Row. We’ll also take you to one of the best places for Chinese cuisine in the South Bay and take you on an exclusive design tour of the Winchester Mystery House.
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Episode 3 – Pacific Heights, SF
This week we’ll drop in on Pacific Heights and relive the roaring 1920’s by taking you on a detailed tour of the historic Haas Mansion. The design segment will feature one of the biggest design show cases in the world, where you’ll pick up design tips from some top interior designers.
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Episode 4 – Redwood City
Redwood city is home for lots high-tech companies, it is also the most desirable residential area in the bay. In this episode of Bay Area Drop In, we will show case one of the most beautiful water-front house, also, bring you the most eco-friendly way to wash your car with less than a cup of water.
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Episode 5 – Piedmont
In 1920, Piedmont had the most millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the Bay Area, and in this episode we’re dropping in on a home that has 9000 square feet of living space. We’ll also show you some different home styles, and if you own a pet, then you must watch to learn about holistic veterinary care.
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Episode 6 – Hayes Valley, SF
People say Hayes Valley features the best combination of design and fashion in one place! We’re going to show you some unique furniture shops, try some delicious Mediterranean cuisine and check out a spa based on traditional Indian holistic therapy. In the real estate segment, we will show case a TLC unit that has 2000 square feet of flat living space!
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Episode 7 – Foster City
Foster City is the youngest city in the Bay area with a wonderful lifestyle. We will interview one of the city’s designers, as well as the Mayor of Foster City and get to know more about this fascinating town. We’ll also take you to one of the best places for Hong Kong Cuisine.
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Episode 8 – Pescadero
Located next to beautiful Highway One, Pescadero preserves the “good old times” here. We will bring you to the oldest bar in the town, show you how to design your own furniture and showcase a tremendous mansion with gorgeous views.
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