Bay Area Drop In Season 2

“Bay Area Drop In” highlights the beautiful and varied neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosts Sammy Hastings, Kaitlyn Chen and Sandeep Sood provide home buying and real estate tips as they guide viewers through the streets and suburban locations of the Bay Area.

Air Time
Saturdays at 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Season 2

Episode 1 – Mission, SF
The Mission district, located south west of SOMA in San Francisco is sunnier and warmer than the rest of the city. It not only boasts the oldest building in San Francisco, it’s also famous for its Latino culture and Mexican Food.
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Episode 2 – Burlingame
The city of Burlingame is in San Mateo County and is located on the San Francisco Peninsula. It is known for its beautiful weather, high residential quality of life and is often referred to as the “City of Trees.” There are hundreds of stores, restaurants and activities in the downtown area.
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Episode 3 – North Beach
North Beach is best known as San Francisco’s “Little Italy,” with a high density of restaurants, cafes and Old World delicatessens. In addition, we will show you what a TIC home is and how to use wallpaper to improve your home environment.
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Episode 4 – Sausalito
Sausalito is situated near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. It enjoys beautiful weather and amazing ocean views. It has a reputation as a wealthy and artistic enclave, a picturesque residential community (incorporating large numbers of houseboats), and a tourist destination.
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Episode 5 – Potrero Hill
Potrero Hill is one of the sunniest neighborhoods in San Francisco. Conveniently located, it is a quiet and sleepy community. It is mostly an upper-middle-class family-oriented neighborhood. There are many unique restaurants, cafes and artists in Potrero Hill.
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Episode 6 – Pleasanton
Pleasanton is a beautiful city in Alameda County. We’ll bring you the stories behind those Victorian Houses in Pleasanton, plus, take you to one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area. We’ll also visit the Firehouse Arts Center.
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Episode 7 – The Castro
The Castro district is one of the United States’ first gay neighborhoods, and it is currently the largest. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars and stores in this area. It’s colorful night life attracts many people and tourists. In addition, we will take you on a tour of a beautiful Victorian house.
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Episode 8 – Half Moon Bay
The beautiful coastal city of Half Moon Bay was the first town established in San Mateo County. We will take you to The James Johnson House to explore the history of Half Moon Bay. In addition, we’ll show you a property with a great view of a spectacular golf course.
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Episode 9 – Haight Ashbury, San Francisco
Haight Ashbury is the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets of San Francisco. You will find a variety of restaurants and bars, clothing boutiques, bookstores and record stores. The neighborhood still remains a unique sense of bohemian ambiance. Its historical Victorian houses are one of the most photographed scenes in San Francisco.
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Episode 10 – Bernal Heights, San Francisco
Bernal Heights lies to the south of San Francisco’s Mission District. Speaking of Bernal Heights, people may think the neighborhood is a bastion of artists, progressives and its popular lesbian community, however, you may not know it is also the district that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.
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Episode 11 – Fremont
Fremont, a city in Alameda County, is located in the southeast section of the Bay Area. We will go to the famous Mission San Jose school district, and then experience the speed and excitement of kart racing.
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Episode 12 – Emeryville
As a small city located in Alameda County, Emeryville provides you with a good quality of life including wonderful retail, residential, hotel and entertainment businesses. Did you know there is a history of Chinese Immigrants in Emeryville?
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Episode 13 – Bayview , San Francisco
The Bayview district is a neighborhood in the southeastern corner of San Francisco. The City’s oldest restaurant is in the Bayview district and has been serving seafood in the same location since 1861. A San Francisco supervisor will talk about its residential and commercial development projects which are planned for the next five years.
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