Bay Area Drop In Season 1

“Bay Area Drop In” highlights the beautiful and varied neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosts Sammy Hastings, Maria Fang, Angelica Santamaria and Sandeep Sood provide home buying and real estate tips as they guide viewers through the streets and suburban locations of the Bay Area.

Air Time
Saturdays at 6:30pm to 7:00pm with a repeat Sundays 7:00pm and at noon the following Friday.

Season 1

Episode 1 – Sunset District
Did you know there is a beautiful Victorian house in Stern Grove? Did you know there is a secret hidden behind one of Sunset’s house garage? Join is to drop in Sunset District in San Francisco, for all the fun information and special places to go.
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Episode 2 – Millbrae
Many people know little about Millbrae City besides the SFO Airport. This weekend, Bay Area Drop In will take you to Millbrae’s well-preserved historical landmarks, high-ranking schools, and unique restaurants, and show you the Millbrae you never knew.
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Episode 3 – Richmond District
This weekend, Bay Area Drop In will take you to the New Chinatown in SF- Richmond District. We will visit unique architectural buildings, taste innovative Chinese cuisine, and share useful tips with you on how to create a fresh new look for your home.
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Episode 4 – Pacifica
Do you know about one of the best surfing locations near San Francisco? Did you know there is a castle on the peninsula? This weekend, Bay Area Drop In will travel across I-280 to visit the quiet city on the coast- Pacifica, to experience the breathtaking ocean view and misty mountains.
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Episode 5 – Chinatown
Did you know San Francisco has the largest Chinatown outside of Asia? Chinatown attracts countless tourists every year with its exotic ambiance and distinguished oriental features. This weekend, Bay Area Drop In will explore the roots of this world famous attraction.
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Episode 6 – Alameda
Alameda is known for its small town vibe and beautiful Victorian communities. As an island city there is so much to do. You can view San Francisco city on the retired USS Hornet, or recollect childhood memories at the Pinball Museum. Join us this weekend to experience it all.
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Episode 7 – Daly City
The foggy Daly City is the largest city on the peninsula. It is also where Sammy and Sandeep call home. Follow us through The Gate of San Francisco to the very first outdoor shopping mall on the west coast, and get VIP access into the kitchen of the famous Koi Palace.
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Episode 8 – SOMA
With modern buildings, acclaimed museums, and the famous AT&T Park, “South of Market” is one of the trendiest districts in San Francisco. This week we will drop in one of the hippest restaurants in SOMA, and the beautiful high-end apartments in the newly constructed Millennium Tower.
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Episode 9 – Berkeley
We are visiting one of the oldest cities in the east bay- Berkeley, which is also home to the prestigious UC Berkeley. It has been ranked as one of the most liberal places in the world since the 1960’s Free Speech Movement, and the city has thrived with international fame ever since. Join us this week and see what Berkeley has to offer!
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Episode 10 – Russian/Nob Hill
Described as the most classic and elegant hills in San Francisco, Russian Hill and Nob Hill are said to be home of the prestige. Join us this week, to these Hills whom reminisce the ideal charm of old San Francisco, bringing its visitors to a dimension rich in history yet refreshed with modern touch.
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Episode 11 – Oakland
As one of the most famous cities in East Bay, Oakland City’s charming personality and diverse lifestyle cannot be hidden by its high crime rate. This week, Drop In will show you Oakland’s breathtaking landscape, exquisite architectures, and a distinguished Asian delight.
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Episode 12 – San Mateo
This week we will drop in the beautiful City of San Mateo. Its great weather and diverse activities make San Mateo the perfect city to live in for everyone. Whether you live an active lifestyle, or enjoy quiet time at a coffee shop, San Mateo always has something to offer!
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Episode 13 – Palo Alto
Palo Alto, home to the famous Stanford University, is said to be the birthplace of Silicon Valley. High real estate prices does not keep people form moving to this extraordinary place, not only for its high ranking schools, but also for its innovative vibe.
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