Basketball club team in Fremont

(KTSF by Angelnia Wong)

This is a story about a life that was inspired and is now inspiring others.

13 years ago, Jin-Lon Hon formed the Fremont Youth Basketball Club, a non-profit organization that provided year-round basketball training to children in the Silicon Valley.  Like many Taiwanese immigrants, Hon was a baseball player and was not good at playing basketball.  However, he decided to form a basketball team since basketball is more popular in the United States and it would be easier to rent an indoor facility for the training.  With the help from his friend Lee Ai, also a computer engineer like Hon, they started the FYBC and it grew very quickly.  FYBC recruited children who attended Chinese schools and weren’t able to join school sports teams.  William Chung was one of those children.  He joined FYBC when his was a fifth-grader and according to Coach Ai, Chung was a naughty team member.  Chung laughed, “I was pretty naughty when I was young.” Chung is now 22-years-old and a graduate from UC Davis and says he learned the skills and discipline at FYBC.  Chung played basketball at high school and college and is now a volunteer coach for 7th graders at FYBC.

He explains, “Because Coach Hon has done a lot for me in the past.  When I was younger, he drove me to all my basketball games and took me to practice.  I did not have to pay for the membership fee. He paid for the gym himself.  It’s the way I am giving back because basketball has been such a big part of my life.”

FYBC has 18 teams serving close to 200 children from 3rd to 12th grade.  All the coaches are volunteers.  FYBC participates in tournaments throughout the Bay Area.  To find out more details, please visit their website at

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