BART strike: Your thoughts!

你支持BART工會罷工嗎?Do you support BART workers to strike?

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BART罷工對你有何影響?How does BART strike affect you?

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  1. Dixon Wang says:

    工会有用吗? 一堆高中文凭生却拿超过10万! 还要涨23%, it’s out of control!

  2. eason says:

    I make $40,000 a year with a master degree, please hire me, I will only ask for $60,000/yr. All those bart workers should be satisfied with what they have, which is much better than most college graduates. Lots of people are willing to take over their jobs if they are too greedy.

  3. 劫持公众利益威胁加薪, 他们太没有公众道德了。 贪者贫也。 我们也应该搞个反罢工大游行。 或都去申请BART的职位。

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