BART strike costing Bay Area $73 million a day



A Bay Area economic institute estimates that the BART strike is costing the region $73 million a day in lost labor productivity.

The figure is a conservative estimate, according to the business advocacy group the Bay Area Council, mostly based on estimates of lost hours and productivity from longer commute times due to traffic delays or taking alternate public transit.

“The Bay Area Council and our 250 members companies implore the BART unions to end this damaging strike and return to the bargaining table, and we urge both sides to reach a fair and reasonable agreement,” Bay Area Council president and CEO Jim Wunderman said in a statement Monday.

According to the council, the economic impact of the strike could in fact be much larger if considering the costs of workers not spending money by staying home or otherwise altering their routine, increased fuel prices because of clogged freeways, and that workers telecommuting may not maintain the same level of productivity.

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