Baby sold by doctor reunited with parents in northwest China


A baby boy allegedly sold by the doctor who delivered him has been reunited with his parents in northwestern China’s Shaanxi province, in a case highlighting the problem of child trafficking.

Zhang Suxia, the doctor responsible for the newborn in Fuping County of Shaanxi Province, allegedly persuaded the parents to give up their child last month after informing them it had “serious congenital diseases”.

Zhang and two other suspects were detained, and the police discovered the baby at the house of a farmer in the neighboring province of Henan, where three more suspects were held.

The baby was reunited with his mother Dong Shanshan and father Lai Guofeng on Monday in Fuping, Shaanxi.

According to a China Daily report, a farmer with three daughters in Henan bought the baby boy from the alleged traffickers for 60,000 yuan (9,800 US dollars).

Mao Qun’an, spokesman of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, slammed the selling of newborn babies as an “intolerable” practice carried out by “morally degraded” individuals.

“This incident has led to heightened concerns from the Commission. We think those involved are morally degraded people and their acts were intolerable. The commission has asked the provincial public health authority of Shaanxi to thoroughly investigate into the case and then severely punished the convicts by the law,” the spokesman said.

Mao added stricter controls and ethics education would be rolled out to prevent such incidences.

“In order to root out such cases systemically, the Commission has notified medical facilities nationwide and asked ordered an overhaul in relation to relevant laws and regulations in order to enhance legal awareness, strengthen medical ethics education, and effectively safeguard people’s health rights,” Mr Mao said.

Local police said they are investigating five other similar cases which allegedly occurred in the same hospital.
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