Baby born alive after mother dies in crash


A pregnant woman and her husband were instantly killed when their motorcycle collided with a truck in Xiamen City in southeast China on Tuesday morning.

Miraculously, the victim couple’s baby survived the deadly accident after being ejected from the woman’s body in the crash.




According to a witness, the truck was turning right when it suddenly crashed into the motorcycle.

Lyu Yiwen, squadron leader, traffic accidents prevention squadron, Xiamen Haicang Traffic Police Brigade, said, “Five meters away from the woman, there lay a new born baby. The baby moved his legs and arms and cried out. We immediately rescued the new born baby. The vehicle incident made us feel life is fragile, but the new born baby touched us with the miracle and the greatness of life. So, we are all in awe of this new born life.”

The injured and bloodied baby boy was quickly sent for emergency treatment to the nearest hospital, where he received immediate medical attention.

The baby, which weighs 4.2 kilograms, is now in a stable condition in Xiamen’s Haicang hospital. Volunteers have donated diapers, clothes and milk powder for the child.

Wu Jinzhun, lead physician, Department of Pediatrics, First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, said, “Up till now, all vital signs indicate that the baby is in a stable situation. At the current time, the baby is suffering from intracranial hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage and brachial plexus injury. After consultation, we think the baby is also suffering from lung contusion which can be life-threatening. We must keep a close watch on him.”

According to a relative of the victims, the man and his wife were on the way to hospital because the woman felt something wrong with her abdomen early Tuesday morning.

The truck driver was detained by the police.

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