California cat cafe is catnip for feline fans

cat town cafe nb

Cat lovers in the San Francisco Bay area are pouncing at the chance of spending time with feline company at a new cat cafe…

Mother and daughter give birth on same day


A woman and her daughter both gave birth at the same hospital on the same day…

Man arrested after restaurant disturbance


Palo Alto police today said they arrested a Redwood City man after he allegedly brandished a knife in a downtown bar…

David Chiu’s victory leaves seat for board president

David Chiu nb

David Chiu’s victory leaves seat for board president…

DC woman spends $35K on search for lost dog

lost dog nb

A District of Columbia woman has spent more than $35,000 in the past year trying to find her beloved missing dog…

Invasive fish poisoned at San Francisco lake


Workers in hazmat suits used a fish-killing chemical to rid a San Francisco lake of invasive species…

Andrus Farm employees accused of abusing cows

cow abuse nb

An dairy farm has come under fire after a leaked video shows employees allegedly abusing cows on the farm…

John Kerry issues first ten-year visas to Chinese citizens

visa nb

John Kerry issues first ten-year visas to Chinese citizens…

Man mistakenly shot during Vancouver manhunt

police shot wrong man nb

Vancouver police say a man was mistakenly shot in the leg during a manhunt the morning after Halloween….

Dallas-area teacher suspended over Ferguson tweets


A Dallas-area school district has suspended a teacher over what administrators call “reprehensible” and racially charged tweets…

San Francisco Bay Bridge path costly to extend

The projections of sea level rise are 14 inches by 2050 and 55 inches by 2100. (KTSF)

Officials are looking for a cheaper way to extend the Bay Bridge pedestrian path and give walkers, joggers and bikers…

25,000 pounds of frozen turkeys spill on highway

frozen turkey nb

A tractor-trailer has overturned and spilled about 25,000 pounds of frozen boxed turkeys on a Northern California…

European spacecraft lands on comet


Hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, a European spacecraft made history Wednesday by successfully landing…

Fremont shooting victim refuses to tell police where he was shot


A man who arrived at a Fremont hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg on Sunday afternoon…

iPhone apps may cause risks to device

iphone 6 nb

iPhone apps may cause risks to device…

Grief, rage at 36-year sentence for ferry captain

ferry captain nb

Relatives of the more-than 300 people who died in the sinking of a South Korean ferry earlier this year…

Some San Francisco World Series damage tallied


Authorities say 28 San Francisco transit vehicles suffered an estimated $140,000 in damage in the violent celebrations…

55 Apple laptops stolen from UCLA library

UCLA laptops stolen nb

Authorities are investigating the theft of 55 Apple laptop computers from a library equipment room…

Obama steps into divisive debate on net neutrality

net neutrality

Let’s say President Barack Obama gets his way and high-speed Internet service providers are governed by the same U.S. regulations…

Dog in teddy bear costume goes viral online

teddy bear dog nb

A tiny dog dressed as a bear, is making people laugh all over the Internet….

Boy survives 230-foot fall from California cliff

cliff fall nb

Authorities in Northern California say a 4-year-old boy survived after falling 230 feet from a seaside cliff and landing on a rocky beach…

China censors first lady’s interaction with Putin

Putin and Liyuan nb

It was fleeting moment, but one that Chinese censors were quick to snuff out…

San Francisco Zoo hires expert after gorilla death


San Francisco Zoo primate staff has been closely monitoring the mourning six-member western lowland gorilla family…

Growing participation by Chinese Americans in CA elections

David Chiu nb

Chinese Americans at California election growing…

Body found near Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge nb

A body was found in San Francisco Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge this morning…

Google signs 60-year, $1 billion NASA lease

NASA air base nb

Google is renting 1,000 acres of a historic California air base for space exploration, aviation and robotics projects….

McDonald’s recalls Happy Meal toy for choking risk

McDonaldsHello Kitty nb

McDonald’s is recalling a Hello Kitty-themed whistle given to children in Happy Meals, citing a chance…

For blue skies at APEC, Chinese villages lose heat


The nights are freezing for villagers near the site of an Asia-Pacific summit on the outskirts of Beijing…

Man found burning atop train dies in Connecticut

train burning nb

A 21-year-old man found burning on top of a New York City-bound commuter train in Connecticut has died…

4th victim dies after Washington state school shooting

Andrew Fryberg nb

The school shooting in Washington state two weeks ago has claimed another victim…