Phone calls about missed jury duty are a scam

Police: phone calls about missed jury duty are a scam…

Police: California teacher kidnapped 3 students

fatal stabbing nb

Authorities say a Southern California high school teacher is in jail for allegedly abducting three students at knifepoint …

Bay Area falls short in water conservation

Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for Californians to reduce water usage by 20 percent appears to have fallen on deaf ears…

School: Aide told students pet treats were cookies

dog treat nb

A Pennsylvania school district says an aide has been suspended after she tricked students into eating pet snacks…

Crystal Lee shares views on pageant

Crystal Lee nb

Miss California Crystal Lee shares views on pageant….

Highest paying companies for interns in Bay Area


Highest paying companies for interns in Bay Area…

Mayor Jean Quan uninjured during vehicle crash


Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was involved in a minor vehicle collision in West Oakland this evening…

Police looking for man who grabbed woman in ‘bear hug’ hold

bear hug assault nb

Police are looking for a man who assaulted a woman by holding her in a “bear hug” type hold in San Mateo late Thursday night….

Vegas ambush deaths: 2 police, 2 shooters, 1 other

LV shooting nb

Two police officers having lunch were fatally shot in a point-blank ambush by a man and woman, who then fled to a nearby…

Costco black pepper recalled for possible salmonella contamination

costco black pepper nb

Costco black pepper recalled for possible salmonella contamination…

Site users urged to buy Seattle hero wedding gifts

Seattle hero nb

Readers of the popular social media website Reddit are being asked to buy wedding gifts for the young man being…

Break in at print shop related to Leland Yee case

Print shop that held evidence in Leland Yee case was broken in…

GM recalling 89,000 cars

General Motors is recalling more than 89,000 autos because of air bag defects and other problems….

USGS releases video from polar bear camera

polar bear nb

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a clip of the first video shot from the neck of a polar bear on Arctic sea ice…

D-Day remembrance in Normandy

France D-Day nb

A flag waves over Omaha Beach, one of the sites of the Allied soldier landings. Veterans of World War II place crosses…

Exiled Tiananmen rally leader slipped into China

Zhou Fengsuo nb

Exiled tiananmen rally leader slipped into China…

“iFone” trumps iPhone in Mexico trademark ruling


Mexico’s intellectual property agency said Friday it has ruled in favor of a small local firm’s rights to the “iFone” name….

Couple survives lightning strike

lightning nb

Lightning strikes a moving truck, a young bear learns… what goes up, must come down…

NYC teen convicted in crash that killed 4 friends

A New York City teenager has been convicted of four counts of manslaughter in the deaths of his friends…

China becomes world’s largest e-commerce market


China becomes world’s largest e-commerce market…

Alibaba joins Chinese soccer club

Chinese largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group has become part owner of the country’s top soccer club Guangzhou…

Third grader saves choking classmate

boy saves classmate nb

“Hero” is a heavy label to put on somebody who is just in the third grade….

Ex-Blue Angels commander gets letter of reprimand

blue angel nb

The Navy has decided to give a letter of reprimand to a former Blue Angels commander accused of allowing sexual harassment…

Irish church under fire over children’s mass grave

Ireland children buried nb

The Catholic Church in Ireland is facing fresh accusations of child neglect after a researcher found records…

Barnes & Noble to make Nook tablets with Samsung


Barnes & Noble says that it is teaming up with Samsung to develop Nook tablets…

New York City stabbing suspect eyed in 3rd attack

Daniel St. Huber nb

New York City police say a man arrested in the stabbing death of a 6-year-old Brooklyn boy is also suspected of stabbing…

Hedgehogs as pets getting popular despite bans


Hedgehogs as pets getting popular despite bans…

High school grad speaks 11 languages

Larterrious Johnson nb

In the graduating class at one Illinois high school, there’s one teen that stands out….

San Francisco files charge over transit sick-out


San Francisco’s city attorney has filed a charge of unfair labor practices against the union for the city’s transit drivers…

Poll: most Americans think “American Dream” is out of reach

American dream nb

Is the american dream out of reach?…