Tourists visit home of serial killer

serial killer apt nb

A former boardinghouse run by a California woman convicted of killing her elderly tenants and burying them in the backyard…

Miss America is first winner of Indian heritage


The Miss America pageant has crowned its first winner of Indian heritage….

Police: 13 dead in shootings at US Navy complex

navy shooter nb

A shooting rampage in the heart of a U.S. Navy complex in Washington left 13 people dead Monday…

Manhattan police shooting leaves 2 people wounded

Authorities say a man who was dodging cars on a Manhattan street, leading to police gunfire that wounded two bystanders…

Ariz. mom booked in SoCal death of 2 children

crash suicide nb

Police say the two children found dead in a Southern California hotel room after their suicidal mother crashed her car…

Police: 12 dead in shootings at UN Navy complex

navy yard shooting nb

Police in Washington, D.C., are looking for two other possible gunmen, after a shooting today at the Washington Navy Yard that left six people dead….

China road accident kills 16 including 11 students

China accident nb

[;zh]上週日,四川渠縣一輛大客車在行駛過程中與一輛貨車相撞,側翻後墜橋,事故造成16人死亡,其中11人為學生…Sixteen people were killed in a traffic accident in Quxian County of southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Sunday…

Chinese man who threw baby to ground goes on trial

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A Beijing court on Monday began hearing the homicide case of a man accused of lifting a 34-month-old toddler…

Timeline:Faye Wong, Li Yapeng divorce

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Celebrity couple Faye Wong, Li Yapeng divorce after eight years of marriage…

Father wears shorts to teach his teen daughter a lesson

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A father in Utah says his teenage daughter was in the habit of wearing shorts that were inappropriately short….

Julie Chen got plastic surgery to help her career

Julie Chen nb

CBS anchor Julie Chen reveals that she got plastic surgery because Her “Asian Eyes” hurt her career….

19 brand new cars burnt on expressway in east China

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A total of 19 brand new cars were burnt down on an expressway in Maanshan, east China’s Anhui Province, Friday…

Chinese police detain civic-minded businessman

Wang Gongquan nb

A Chinese businessman who supports a grassroots group promoting civil society was detained by police on Friday…

4 men given death sentences in India gang rape

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An Indian court Friday sentenced to death four men for the gang rape and murder of a young New Delhi woman…

Tom Hanks’ jury duty comes to an abrupt end

Tom Hanks nb

Tom Hanks’ real-life role as a juror came to an abrupt end….

Bill would give Calif. among highest minimum wage

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California’s minimum wage would rise to $10 an hour within three years under a bill that is all but …

FTC looking into proposed Facebook changes

The Federal Trade Commission is looking into a set of privacy policy changes that Facebook proposed in late August….

Twitter tweets – It’s going public

twitter ipo nb

Twitter is going public. The short messaging service aptly tweeted on Thursday it has filed confidential…

SJ: city to pay nearly $5m to man shot by police in 2011

San Jose’s city attorney has recommended that the city pay nearly $5 million to a man who survived after being shot 25 times in 2011…

CA schools could lose federal funding over STAR test suspension

CA schools could lose federal funding over STAR test suspension…

Car stolen by thief who entered through doggy door

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A home in San Carlos was burglarized Wednesday while the residents were away on vacation, and investigators believe…

Vegas mom gives birth to healthy quintuplets

quintuplets nb

A Las Vegas mom is resting after delivering a healthy set of quintuplets at a suburban Phoenix hospital, bringing five new additions…

California flashers face federal child porn charges

child porn charge nb

A couple previously arrested for videotaping themselves flashing young children at a park are now facing federal child porn charges…

Family dog sniffs out abusive babysitter

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When a normally playful pup turned aggressive, a South Carolina couple became suspicious…of their new babysitter…

Man dressed as woman robs bank this morning

A man dressed as a woman robbed a Westamerica Bank branch in Benicia this morning, a police lieutenant said…

BYD develops super sports cars to challenge Tesla

BYD nb

Chinese BYD develops super sports cars to challenge Tesla…

Person hit by train south of Caltrain station

A man was struck and killed by a train north of the San Carlos Caltrain station this afternoon…

Pan Shiyi interviewed by China state media amid internet crackdown

Pan Shiyi nb

Famous for his position as president of property developer SOHO China, Pan Shiyi, one of the richest men in the country…

Burglars hit Bay Area firehouse while crews battle fires

Fire officials say crews battling a wildfire at a San Francisco Bay Area wilderness park became burglary targets….

US postal service to rent mail vans

Budget problems at the u-s postal service are so severe, the agency is looking to rent mail delivery vans instead of buying new ones…