Man accused of disrupting Chicago-Portland flight


For the second time this month, an airliner landed in Portland after officials said a passenger became disruptive…

Malaysian response to missing plane under scrutiny

malaysia missing plane nb

Malaysian officials on Wednesday defended their handling of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370…

Burned Mission Bay building owned by SF company


An apartment building under construction was damaged in a massive blaze in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood Tuesday…

Man accused of stabbing girlfriend while she was in shower

man stabbed girlfriend nb

Neighbors come to the rescue of a woman in chula vista, california who was stabbed while in the shower…

Nearly 200 animals removed from a Boston home

animal hoarding nb

Nearly 200 dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles are safe after being rescued by a Boston-area animal rescue league…

Woman’s strange behavior in Nanjing draws attention

nanjing elisa lam nb

Woman’s strange behavior in Nanjing draws attention…

Chinese film stunt man on missing Malaysia flight

ju kun nb

A stunt man whose credits include the acclaimed martial arts epic “The Grandmaster” and other films was among…

NY college students charged with animal abuse

student animal abuse nb

Authorities say two students at a New York state college were charged with animal abuse after a dog was held upside down over…

Passengers with stolen passports

Passengers with stolen passports nb

This image released by Interpol shows the two Iranian who were traveling with stolen passports on a missing…

2 dozen injured as California school stage falls

stage collapse nb

Investigators combed through a collapsed theater stage at a Southern California high school Sunday, trying to determine why it buckled during..

Timeline: Malaysian missing plane

malaysia missing plane nb

Timeline: Malaysian missing plane…

US passenger on missing flight was from Texas

us passenger nb

US passenger on missing flight was from Texas…

East Bay warning about phony water district workers

EBMUD truck nb

East Bay residents should be on the lookout for suspects posing as water department workers after an official truck was stolen from the East Bay…

Elderly woman found living with dead spouse

elder care nb

Police in Alabama say an elderly woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease lived with her husband’s body for a month …

Stolen passports probed in Malaysian plane mystery

stolen passport nb

Authorities questioned travel agents Monday at a beach resort in Thailand about two men who…

Airline’s lack of information angers relatives

China Malaysia Plane nb

The anguished hours had turned into a day and a half. Fed up with awaiting word on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane…

Malaysia Airlines to fly families of missing plane passengers to KL

China Malaysia Plane nb

Malaysia Airlines to fly families of missing plane passengers to KL…

Interpol: Database not checked pre-Malaysia flight

Luigi Maraldi nb

Interpol said Sunday that no country checked the police agency’s database that held information about two stolen passports…

Vietnam says it may have found missing jet’s door

floating subject nb

Vietnamese authorities say a rectangular object has been spotted in the waters off Vietnam where a search….

Couple accused of letting 2-year-old smoke pot

A Montana couple faces charges for allegedly letting a 2-year-old boy smoke marijuana…

Murder suspect sucker punches officer in jailhouse

naked murderer nb

An Ohio murder suspect set off a naked jailhouse brawl with an officer…

Officer responding to 911 call charged with rape

A Detroit police officer is charged in the rape of a woman who called 911 to report being assaulted by her boyfriend….

Woman’s mummified body found at Detroit-area home

mummified body nb

The mummified body of a woman has been found in a vehicle parked in the garage of a foreclosed home north of Detroit…

Illionis family accused of shoplifting millions of dollars in goods

family shoplift nb

How do you swipe $7 million in toys, electronics and other stuff without anyone noticing…

Woman wins $2M playing fortune cookie lotto numbers

fortune cookie nb

New York lottery winner used numbers from fortune cookie, hits $2 million jackpot….

Blind man survives track fall as LA train arrives

man under train nb

A blind man fell onto the tracks at a subway station as a train was arriving Thursday, but he escaped unharmed …

FBI links Peninsula cold case murders to Reno killing in 1976


FBI links Peninsula cold case murders to Reno killing in 1976…

Gambler sues, saying casino let him play while drunk

gambler nb

Nevada gamblers lost nearly $20 million on Super Bowl bets last month. But one man…

Average tax refund so far: $3034

All together, the IRS sent out roughly $147 billion in refunds between Jan. 31 and Feb. 28…

Wake up and smell the bacon with a bacon app

bacon app nb

Want to wake up to the sound of bacon sizzling on the stove with its aroma drawing you out of bed…