62-year-old man struck and killed by Nissan

car accident nb

A 62-year-old man was struck and killed by a vehicle in Redwood City this morning…

NTSB: No evidence of pre-impact fire in CA crash


Federal investigators say they haven’t found any physical evidence that a FedExtruck was on fire before it slammed …

A 5-alarm blaze at downtown building brought under control


A five-alarm blaze at a former news station in downtown San Jose has been brought under control by firefighters this evening…

Woman: 911 down when intruder breaks into home

911 nb

A woman from Everett, Wash., says she called 911 at least 37 times early Thursday when an intruder broke into her home…

Girl gets $20K for diamond found in Arkansas park

diamond nb

An Oklahoma City girl has sold a 3.85-carat diamond she found at an Arkansas park for $20,000….

Rat infestation shuts down SF Chinatown stores

Restaurant Rats

Rat infestation shuts down SF Chinatown stores…

West Coast’s tallest building: Salesforce Tower

salesforce nb

Salesforce.com is set to become the anchor tenant in an office tower under construction in San Francisco that’s expected…

Sony: Some Vaio laptops batteries may overheat

vaio laptop nb

Sony is advising consumers to quit using some of its VAIO laptop computers and unplug them, saying that it’s …

Man with 1st name ‘God’ sues credit rating agency

financial history nb

A New York City man claims that a credit reporting agency falsely reported he had no financial history …

One twin missing in CA bus, truck collision that killed 10

bus crash nb

A Southern California family is desperately trying to locate one of two identical twins whose bus was involved …

Amazon offers employees up to $5000 to quit

amazon nb

If your boss offered you five-thousand dollars to quit, would you take the money and run?…

Water supply cut in Lanzhou China due to Benzene in water


Chinese authorities have cut water supplies to a district in a northwestern city after excessive levels of …

US man sentenced to jail for sucking woman’s toes

woman feet nb

A man who sucked an unwilling woman’s toes inside a Wal-Mart has been sentenced to 60 days in jail….

USCIS received 172,500 H1B petitions, lottery done

h1b nb

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on April 7 that it has received a sufficient number…

Google to sell “Explorer” Glass to bigger pool of consumers

google glass nb

A lot more people are about to get a chance to own the Internet-connected eyewear known as Google Glass…

PG&E offers $250K reward in California grid attack

power station nb

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is offering a $250,000 reward for information about an attack nearly a year ago on phone lines…

Miami police: 49ers QB Kaepernick in ‘suspicious’ case

Colin Kaepernick nb

Miami police released information today about a suspicious incident involving San Francisco 49ers quarterback…

CNN replacing Piers Morgan with specials

piers morgan live nb

CNN is replacing Piers Morgan’s prime-time talk show with not one program but several ?featuring personalities like Mike Rowe…

Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman on late show

Stephen Colbert nb

Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman as CBS’ late night host….

Malaysia: Abductors want $11.3M for Chinese woman

shanghai tourist nb

Gunmen have demanded a ransom of 500 million pesos ($11.3 million) for the release of a Chinese tourist abducted…

How much will MH370 search cost?

missing plane nb

How much will MH370 search cost?…

Bill would expand U.S. visa-waiver program to Hong Kong, Macau

us visa nb

Bill would expand U.S. visa-waiver program to Hong Kong, Macau…

Man arrested for attempted murder of Berkeley cop

police attack nb

Police say a man is being held on suspicion of attempted murder after trying to grab a Berkeley police officer’s…

Toyota recalls 1.8M vehicles in the US

toyota recall nb

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling nearly 1.8 million vehicles in the U.S. for various safety problems…

Man charged with nine contract killings in California

Jose Manuel Martinez nb

A suspected contract killer charged with killing nine people in three California counties over several decades is being investigated in…

Car-sharing firms getting 900 SF parking spaces

car sharing nb

San Francisco will allocate 900 street parking spaces for car-sharing vehicles in a two-year experiment that will begin this summer…

Man pleads no contest to pushing wife off bridge

san_mateo bridge nb

A Northern California man has pleaded no contest to trying to throw his wife off a bridge last year….

Oakland man arrested & charged in recycling fraud

bottle recycle nb

An Oakland man is headed to jail for recycling fraud, according to CalRecycle, the state department charged with…

Leland Yee pleads not guilty to charges in indictment

Leland Yee nb

Suspended state Sen. Leland Yee pleaded not guilty in federal court in San Francisco today to seven public corruption charges and one …

End of XP could cause security problems

windowsxp nb

Microsoft support for Windows XP ends tomorrow…