FCC fines Chinese firm for selling illegal jammers

jammers nb

FCC fines Chinese firm for selling illegal jammers…

Universal’s new Harry Potter park: 1 ride, 7 shops

Universal-Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans helped increase attendance by 50 percent at Universal Orlando Resort in the past few years, and interest …

Blackbird found mostly in California declines

blackbird nb

Scientists say a blackbird species found mostly in the Central Valley has experienced a major decline in its population over the last several years…

CDC probes lab workers’ possible anthrax exposure

anthrax bacteria nb

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says some of its staff in Atlanta may have been accidentally exposed …

US-born Latinos hold more jobs than foreign-born

For the first time in more than two decades, immigrant Latinos have fewer jobs in the U.S. than American-born Hispanics…

American Apparel fires controversial CEO

Dov_charney nb

The board of American Apparel ousted founder Dov Charney on Wednesday, moving to replace the controversial…

Kraft Foods recalls 260 cases of Velveeta

Velveeta cheese nb

Kraft is recalling Velveeta cheese from Walmart stores in as many as 12 states, mostly in the Midwest, because the cheese…

Colorado woman finds birth father on Facebook

woman finds father on FB nb

The life that a Colorado woman thought she knew for 47 years has changed dramatically. The change came with two surprises…

Porsche is top brand in new car quality survey


The race to fill vehicles with the latest technology is hurting quality…

SF sisters plead not guilty in brothel arraignment


Two sisters accused of running a sex trafficking ring out of four homes in San Francisco’s Richmond and Sunset districts appeared in court …

California mayor resigns over dog poop incident

mayor dog poop nb

The doo-doo has gotten too deep for the mayor of a wealthy Los Angeles suburb who flung dog poop onto a political opponent’s property…

Spain’s World Cup reign ends with 2-0 loss to Chile


Defending champion Spain, the dominant global football power for the past six years, was eliminated from World Cup…

Amazon ties new 4.7-inch phone to its services

Amazon Smartphone

Amazon has introduced a new smartphone that will be closely tied to the products and services it sells…

New Mexico bus driver caught in sex act on the job

bus nb

Albuquerque officials say a bus driver in the New Mexico city has been fired after surveillance cameras caught him…

IRS to waive penalties for some overseas accounts

IRS nb

The Internal Revenue Service is offering to waive steep penalties for Americans living abroad who haven’t been paying their U.S. taxes..

China says 127 students hired others for exam

gaokao nb

At least 127 test-takers in a Chinese province hired other people to take the country’s all-important college entrance exam…

AP Exclusive: Picasso painting reveals hidden man

blue room nb

Curators and scientists are revealing they’ve found a hidden painting beneath the surface of one of Pablo Picasso’s earliest…

George Clooney ‘considering ‘a run for governor of California

George Clooney nb

George Clooney plans to run governor of California…

Some Comcast customers becoming WiFi hot spots


200-thousand comcast customers in the seattle region are becoming public wifi hotspots…

DC is America’s most walkable city

walkable city nb

Washington DC is the most walkable city in the country, according to researchers…

Woman’s body found in freezer at her Indiana home

Daniel Shoffner nb

Authorities say a woman’s body was found inside a freezer at her northern Indiana home and that a man living…

California fish evacuated due to drought

rainbow trout nb

Rainbow trout and steelhead are being evacuated from two hatcheries amid concern California’s drought…

Founder of child porn site gets 30 years in prison

child porn nb

A Ukrainian man who founded and operated an international child sexual abuse website has been sentenced…

FAA investigating air traffic controller “joke”


The FAA is investigating a “joke” from an air traffic controller that led to a plane’s delayed landing….

Brazil turtle predicts Mexico to beat Brazil

brazil turtle nb

Brazil turtle predicts Mexico to beat Brazil …

Man kills wife, children and himself on Father’s Day

father's day killing nb

A Virginia man shot his wife and their two young children to death on Father’s Day and then killed himself…

National Zoo closing invertebrate hall due to rising costs

Invertebrate nb

The National Zoo is closing its Invertebrate Exhibit, citing rising costs and $5 million in needed upgrades….

Tesla Model X expected out in early 2015

Model X nb

According to e-mails sent to customers today (Monday), the automaker is adding another vehicle to its stock…

Starbucks clears college degree path for employees

Starbucks is giving its baristas a bargain on an online college degree….

Five hurt when boat overturns on Lake Piru


Ventura County authorities say five people suffered minor injuries when a boat overturned amid high winds on Lake Piru….