Earthquake strongly felt across Los Angeles

A pre-dawn earthquake rolled across the Los Angeles basin, rattling residents from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach…

80-year-old man in critical condition after hit-and-run

An 80-year-old man is in critical condition after he was struck by a pickup truck in Milpitas on Sunday night…

SF pedestrian hit by bus on Market street

SF trolley bus nb

A pedestrian was struck by a bus in San Francisco this morning, a police spokesman said…

NC hunter bags 500-pound wild hog

man hunts wild hog nb

Killing a 500-plus pound boar might sound like a big deal. But for one North Carolina man, it is just how he brings…

Missing jet’s pilots had firm community ties

Zaharie Ahmad Shah nb

One was passionate enough about flying to build his own flight simulator in his home. The other was a 27-year-old…

Safety group claims 303 deaths linked to recalled GM cars

airbag nb

Troubling allegations against General Motors….

Baby gorilla delivered via rare C-section in San Diego

gorilla nb

The veterinary staff at the San Diego Zoo had to perform a rare emergency C-section on one of the animals….

Oakland police consider dropping ShotSpotter

shotspotter nb

Police in Oakland want to drop the city’s expensive gunshot detection system called ShotSpotter, despite…

Mark Zuckerberg calls Obama to complain about NSA

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday said he called President Obama to express frustration about…

Millennial effect changing rental market

Millennial effect changing rental market…

Google redesigns search results on PCs

Web surfing through the Internet’s main gateway now looks slightly different on personal computers, thanks to a few …

Google cameras take rafting trip at Grand Canyon

google grand canyon nb

Google has taken its all-seeing eyes on a trip that few experience: the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon….

Paying for parking a tall order in Reno, NV

parking meter nb

The city of Reno is dispatching crews to lower new parking meters that are too tall. ..

Search for missing plane may expand to Indian Ocean

white house nb

The search for missing Malaysia airlines flight 370 may be expanded to the Indian Ocean….

Sex trade study finds something unique in Seattle

A study of the sex trade in Seattle and seven other cities found the Seattle area is unique in one way…

Police: 1 man, 1 woman died at South by Southwest

SXSW crash nb

A suspected drunken driver fleeing police crashed through barricades set up for a major festival in Texas early Thursday…

Woman takes truck with 2 kids in Washington state

woman steals car nb

A woman accused of taking a pickup truck with two small children inside from a Federal Way, Wash., parking lot has been…

New app makes reading 1,000 words per minute

reading app nb

A new app makes it possible to read at a thousand words per minute…

Chinese satellite images may show crash site

suspected crash area nb

A Chinese satellite looking into the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “observed a suspected crash area at sea,…

Twp plead not guilty in Vegas puppy shop arson case

pet store arson nb

A business owner and co-defendant pleaded not guilty in state court to torching a Las Vegas pet shop where 27 puppies were rescued…

Man accused of disrupting Chicago-Portland flight


For the second time this month, an airliner landed in Portland after officials said a passenger became disruptive…

Malaysian response to missing plane under scrutiny

malaysia missing plane nb

Malaysian officials on Wednesday defended their handling of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370…

Burned Mission Bay building owned by SF company


An apartment building under construction was damaged in a massive blaze in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood Tuesday…

Man accused of stabbing girlfriend while she was in shower

man stabbed girlfriend nb

Neighbors come to the rescue of a woman in chula vista, california who was stabbed while in the shower…

Nearly 200 animals removed from a Boston home

animal hoarding nb

Nearly 200 dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles are safe after being rescued by a Boston-area animal rescue league…

Woman’s strange behavior in Nanjing draws attention

nanjing elisa lam nb

Woman’s strange behavior in Nanjing draws attention…

Chinese film stunt man on missing Malaysia flight

ju kun nb

A stunt man whose credits include the acclaimed martial arts epic “The Grandmaster” and other films was among…

NY college students charged with animal abuse

student animal abuse nb

Authorities say two students at a New York state college were charged with animal abuse after a dog was held upside down over…

Passengers with stolen passports

Passengers with stolen passports nb

This image released by Interpol shows the two Iranian who were traveling with stolen passports on a missing…

2 dozen injured as California school stage falls

stage collapse nb

Investigators combed through a collapsed theater stage at a Southern California high school Sunday, trying to determine why it buckled during..