GM tells dealers to stop selling some Chevy Cruzes

GM recall nb

General Motors has told dealers to stop selling some 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars…

Stephen Colbert denies racist tweet

Stephen Colbert nb

Comedian Stephen Colbert is denying involvement in a controversial tweet. The tweet read…

Chinese overwhelm US visa program


Chinese overwhelm US visa program…

Toyota recalling 119,000 Avalons for air bag issue

Toyota is recalling 119,000 Avalon sedans from the 2003 and 2004 model years because their air bags could deploy inadvertently…

PG&E: Federal criminal charges likely in gas blast

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. says the company will likely face federal criminal charges for its role in a fatal…

Microsoft unveils Office for iPad

office ipad nb

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled Office for the iPad, a software suite that includes programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint…

State Sen. Leland Yee indicted on arms trafficking

Leland Yee nb

State Sen. Leland Yee indicted on arms trafficking…

Yee withdraws from Secretary of State race

Leland Yee4 nb

A California state senator accused of accepting bribes and introducing an undercover agent to an arms trafficker …

FBI executing search warrants in Bay Area locations

FBI search nb

FBI executing search warrants in Bay Area locations…

Train operator in Chicago crash had fallen asleep

Chicago Train Derailment

A federal investigator says the operator of a Chicago commuter train that crashed at O’Hare International Airport…

Timeline: Political career of Leland Yee

Leland Yee2 nb

Timeline: Political career of Leland Yee…

Young salmon trucked downstream due to drought

salmon nb

The severe drought in California is prompting state and federal wildlife officials to launch an unusual rescue operation involving …

Commuter plane lands safely after fire in Malaysia

malindo air fire nb

A plane from a new Malaysian airline was forced to turn back Wednesday on a domestic flight because one of its engines…

Nissan recalls over a million vehicles for air bag problem

nissan recall nb

Nissan is recalling almost 990,000 cars, SUVs and minivans in the U.S. because the front passenger air bags may not inflate in a crash…

Pit bull kills owner’s 4-year-old daughter

pitbull nb

Police say a pit bull fatally attacked a 4-year-old girl who was watching television in a southern Louisiana apartment and injured the girl’s …

Facebook buys virtual reality company Oculus for $2B

OculusRift1 nb

Facebook has agreed to buy Oculus for $2 billion, betting that its virtual reality may be a new way for …

Amazon customers get partial e-book credit

kindle nb

If you bought an e-book through between april 20-10 and may 21st, 20-12,you could receive a partial credit…

IRS says bitcoin will be taxed like property

The Internal Revenue Service says virtual currencies like bitcoin will be taxed like property…

Wal-Mart recalling 174,000 dolls over burn risk

recall dolls nb

Wal-Mart is recalling 174,000 dolls because the toy can overheat and potentially burn consumers….

Woman freed after serving 32 years in ’81 killing

Mary Virginia Jones nb

A 74-year-old California woman is free after serving 32 years of a life sentence for her role in a 1981 killing….

Steward delivers baby in China railway station

baby delievered nb

A steward delivered a baby girl in a waiting room in a high speed railway station in central China’s Henan Province last Saturday….

Train kills teen who pushed girlfriend from tracks

train tracks nb

Witnesses and family members say a Northern California teen pushed his girlfriend away from the path…

Rain, snow coming to drought-stricken California

A storm system headed toward drought-stricken California is promising up to two feet of snow in the northern Sierra….

Soldier charged with killing pregnant wife; confessing to friend


A former Army buddy says a Georgia-based soldier confessed to killing his pregnant wife by strangling her with…

Families of Chinese passengers release statement


Hours after Razak’s press conference, a committee representing some of families of the 154 Chinese and Taiwanese passengers aboard …

Train derails, climbs escalator at Chicago airport


An eight-car Chicago commuter train plowed across a platform and scaled an escalator at the underground station…

Couple arrested after 3 children found underfed

couple child abuse nb

(中文) 加州Monterey縣警方證實,Salinas市一對女同性戀者涉嫌虐待三名子女被捕,兩人於上週五被控虐待和忽視兒童罪…[:en[Monterey County authorities say a Salinas couple is under arrest after three children were discovered badly …

Missing plane’s final minutes of communication normal

malaysia plane transcript nb

The Telegraph reports it has recordings of Malaysia 370 pilot communications with ground control….

Canadian webcam killing suspect pleads not guilty

Qian Liu nb

A Canadian man accused of killing a Chinese student, attacked in her Toronto apartment as her boyfriend watched through a webcam…

NYPD: Boy, 14, shoots man dead on bus

New York police say a 14-year-old boy opened fire on a city bus in Brooklyn, fatally shooting a Dominican man in the head…