Shoe with human foot inside found on Ocean Beach

A dismembered foot still in a shoe washed ashore at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Saturday morning

Body pulled from water near pier 30 this morning

A body was pulled from the water this morning near San Francisco’s Pier 30, a fire official said.

Police investigating suspicious death of man found inside RV

The death of an elderly man whose body was found in a recreational vehicle in downtown San Jose this morning appears suspicious

Fare evasions in rush hours at Shanghai metro

some people played smart and fought hard to cross the gate without paying.

Man on sign shuts down SF financial district street

A man who stood atop a “Do not enter” signpost in San Francisco’s Financial District for several hours today prompted police to shut down a street…

Student design competition announced for Bay Bridge building

A Brisbane man hoping to build self-sustaining structures out of scraps from the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge

79-years in jail for man who abused stepdaughter

A Salinas man was sentenced Thursday to 79 years in prison for sexual crimes against his teenage stepdaughter over a four-year period…

Xinjiang Siamese twins, only one can live

A pair of Siamese twins were born in Xinjiang, but sharing the same and only heart. The doctor said only one of them can be saved…

Teams suspected “inside stories” behind National Games of China

Some teams complained about unfair judging in the National Games of China…

Bay Bridge span to be named for Willie Brown

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is named for former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown…

Arson suspect arrested near site of brush fire

an oakland man was arrested wednesday on suspicion of starting a brush fire off of calistoga road in santa rosa…

Shark fin craving leads to big shark catch

Shan Dong fishermen continued the catching, 3 sharks caught were immediately disassembled or sold…

Shanxi opens toilet-themed restaurant

Enjoy the taste of nausea and deliciousness at once, the famous toilet-themed restaurant was opened Shanxi…

Chinese developer declared new richest tycoon

Chinese real estate developer who bought one of the biggest U.S. cinema chains last year has emerged as the country’s new richest tycoon.

Authorities looking for woman who allegedly kicked three dogs while walking them

Animal control officers in san jose are investigating a report of a woman seen kicking her three dogs…

Two men injured in early morning Tenderloin stabbing

Two men were injured, one critically, in a stabbing in san francisco’s tenderloin neighborhood early this morning

Chinese restaurant suspected of selling moldy Guiling pastes

A well-known brand was suspected of reselling moldy Guiling pastes by washing them with bare hands.

China woman survived in car crash with a miracle somersault

In Jiangsu, a woman escaped from her motorbike with a somersault right before it crashed to a truck.

Disabled veterans climbing in yosemite national park to mark sept. 11 anniversary

dozens of disabled veterans are marking the 12th anniversary of the sept. 11 terror attacks with climbs in yosemite national park in memory of those who died.

Mountain lion spotted Monday night in Woodside

a mountain lion was seen monday night in woodside, san mateo county emergency officials said..

Chinese boy gets implants after eyes gouged out

A 6-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out received implants Tuesday at a hospital in southern China …

Shaoyang citizens get compensated by completing phone interviews

To encourage citizens doing polls on phone, the government compensates 300 RMB for whoever completed a phone interview for over 5 minutes.

Five injured in C China chemical plant explosion

At least five people were injured after an explosion took place at a chemical plant in Huojia County, central China’s Henan Province, on Tuesday…

Homicide victim found on S.J. State campus

San Jose State University police are investigating a homicide after a person was found dead in a parked car on campus this morning…

About 100 homes evacuated in Mt. Diablo wildfire

The blaze in Mt. Diablo State Park in Contra Costa County has burned 1,500 acres as of Monday morning…

Men dressed as Batman, Capt. America rescue cat

When a West Virginia home caught fire, trapping a kitten inside, it was Batman and Captain America who came to the rescue…

In China, forwarding “Internet rumors” can get you in prison

Mainland China legislated a new law – a person who forwarded internet “rumors” over 500 times will be charged…

Ridiculous college cafeteria food in mainland China

For the purpose of lowering cost of cafeteria dishes, colleges in mainland China created some “original” dishes with ridiculous combination of food..

49er Fan who fell to death ID’d as Hayward man

A man who died outside Candlestick Park at the start of the San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday afternoon…

Motorcyclist killed in Oakland crash


A person was killed in a crash early this morning, police said.