Entertainment industry sounds alarm on piracy

The music and movie industries are sounding the alarm again on online piracy, saying illegal downloads are on the rise..

Google Wallet vs Apple iOS7 Passsbook

Google is bringing its digital wallet to the iPhone in its latest attempt to upstage Apple on its own popular device.

UC launches crowdfunding scholarship campaign

The University of California has launched a six-week crowdfunding campaign, to raise money for student scholarships.

Clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook is free speech

A U.S. federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that clicking “Like” on Facebook is constitutionally protected free speech.

Indonesian maid abused by Hong Kong couple

Both found guilty of convicted 8 counts of wounding and attack, female defendant was sentenced 5.5 years and husband was jailed for 3 months.

Student kills teacher due to confiscation of cell phones

Several cases regarding middle school students killing teachers questioned the current education system in China.

Body found near S.F.’s Pier 30 identified

A body pulled from the Bay near San Francisco’s Pier 30 on Monday has been identified…

5 killed as Canada passenger train, bus collide

A passenger train collided with a double-decker bus, ripping off the front of the bus and killing five people

Jury recommends death for convicted serial killer

A jury on Tuesday recommended the death sentence for convicted serial killer Joseph Naso

Former YMCA worker faces sexual abuse charges

Two new children have been added as victims of alleged sexual abuse by a former YMCA childcare worker

Grumpy Cat has endorsement deal

the frown-faced Internet sensation is now the “spokescat” for a Friskies brand of cat food.

Man throws bricks at police

A man was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation after throwing pieces of concrete and bricks at responding officers

Five-car crash blocks lanes on I-80 near Bay Bridge

(BCN) A Sig-alert has been issued on eastbound Interstate Highway 80 in San Francisco near the approach to the Bay Bridge this morning, according to the California Highway Patrol. As many as five vehicles were [...]

Supervisor to call for expanding bike share program

A San Francisco supervisor plans to call for a hearing on how to expand the bike share program

Prosecutor says serial killer deserves to die

Convicted serial killer Joseph Naso deserves to die for the murders of four prostitutes and likely the murders of two other women..

Suspect drills into Tenderloin ATM, steals cash

San Francisco police are trying to find out who drilled open an ATM and stole the cash from inside it

Controversy for “nudity” scene in Chinese cartoon

A cartoon aired in the Mainland China has exposed “nudity” scene of cartoon characters, causing controversy.

Human impact of genetically modified food in China

the public worried that those genetically modified food will cause potential threat to human bodies as well.

Shoe with human foot inside found on Ocean Beach

A dismembered foot still in a shoe washed ashore at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Saturday morning

Body pulled from water near pier 30 this morning

A body was pulled from the water this morning near San Francisco’s Pier 30, a fire official said.

Police investigating suspicious death of man found inside RV

The death of an elderly man whose body was found in a recreational vehicle in downtown San Jose this morning appears suspicious

Fare evasions in rush hours at Shanghai metro

some people played smart and fought hard to cross the gate without paying.

Man on sign shuts down SF financial district street

A man who stood atop a “Do not enter” signpost in San Francisco’s Financial District for several hours today prompted police to shut down a street…

Student design competition announced for Bay Bridge building

A Brisbane man hoping to build self-sustaining structures out of scraps from the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge

79-years in jail for man who abused stepdaughter

A Salinas man was sentenced Thursday to 79 years in prison for sexual crimes against his teenage stepdaughter over a four-year period…

Xinjiang Siamese twins, only one can live

A pair of Siamese twins were born in Xinjiang, but sharing the same and only heart. The doctor said only one of them can be saved…

Teams suspected “inside stories” behind National Games of China

Some teams complained about unfair judging in the National Games of China…

Bay Bridge span to be named for Willie Brown

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is named for former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown…

Arson suspect arrested near site of brush fire

an oakland man was arrested wednesday on suspicion of starting a brush fire off of calistoga road in santa rosa…

Shark fin craving leads to big shark catch

Shan Dong fishermen continued the catching, 3 sharks caught were immediately disassembled or sold…