Pedestrian safety video game

pedestrian safety nb

UCSF and SF General Hospital demonstrate children’s video game and street simulation to promote pedestrian safety…

Little girl hit by car caught on camera


A car fleeing police in Pennsylvania last weekend loses control and strikes a little girl…

Alameda county poverty budget

budget nb

Alameda County service providers and poverty-fighting leaders will gather with Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan..

SF Safeway Health Violations

safeway nb

The SFDPH has found serious violations in their inspection of the meat department at the Diamond Heights Safeway…

Ruby Gim’s murder suspect arraignment

daniel thomas nb

Plea entry for Daniel Thomas, 65, of Daly City, for the murder of his partner Ruby Gim at her Daly City home on May 1..

Asian and white American students academic gap


A growing achievement gap between Asian American students and their white classmates is due largely to greater work effort…

Daly City woman’s partner charged with murder

daniel thomas nb

A Daly City man was charged with his partner’s murder today after she was found dead at her Daly City home last Thursday…

Three-alarm fire in SF Oceanview neighborhood


A three-alarm fire in San Francisco’s Oceanview neighborhood Friday morning damaged three homes…

CAL/OSHA issues first heat advisory of 2014


CAL/OSHA has issued its first heat advisory of the year, because temperatures are 15 to 25 degrees above normal across the state this week…

Oakland International Blvd rally

Oakland International Blvd nb

Oakland International Blvd rally…

New housing units in SF Visitacion Valley

SF Schlage Lock project nb

The long vacated Schlage Lock factory by Bayshore Boulevard in SF Visitacion Valley will become a neighborhood for nearly 1,700 low-and middle-income apartments…

Millbrae’s new charter school

Design Tech, a new charter high school, will open in San Mateo Union High School district this fall.

Santa Clara teen stowaway survives US flight


A Santa Clara boy is lucky to be alive Sunday after he stowed himself away in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight…

Earthquake preparedness

Emergency Preparedness "ready to go" kit.

(中文) 今日是三藩市1906年大地震108週年,雖然無法預料地震何時會再來臨,但民眾可以裝備好自己…

BART got fined with $210k

(中文) 兩名捷運人員去年十月捷運罷工期間,進行路軌維修工程時被列車撞死,捷運就此事現在被罰款21萬元..

SF Sunday parking meter fees repealed

parking meter nb

The SMTA’s board of directors voted Tuesday to abolish Sunday parking meter enforcement…

“Blood Moon” lunar eclipse on Tuesday


NASA says there will be a total lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning that will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange…

Suspect in Sloat Blvd fatal accident is sentenced

Brewer nb

(中文) 醉酒駕駛撞死剛滿十七歲華裔少女張翰倫的男子,週二被判監禁6個月…

SJSU raises fees by 25%


SJSU raises fees by 25%…

Tax filing deadline is coming

tax nb

April 15, 2014 is the IRS tax filing deadline.

Demolition starts on old Bay Bridge

Old Bay Bridge starts demolition…

Changes in California election law


(中文) 加州今年六月的初選,將首次讓選民跨黨投票。有團體鼓勵更多無政黨立場的華裔登記投票…

Castro Valley homicide suspect faces charges

castro valley homicide

(中文) 涉嫌槍殺妻子的華裔男人米峰,向警方自首,面臨一項謀殺控罪…

Fremont company false claim settlement


Bizlink Technology, Inc. has paid $1.2 million to settle allegations that it owned customs duties on goods imported from China…

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!


The World Wide Web turns 25 Tuesday and we have a look back at some predictions that never quite came true…

San Franciscans react to Malaysia airline incident


(中文) 馬航370號班機至今仍然下落不明,事件又有沒有影響民眾對乘坐飛機的信心呢?

Chinese civil servants required to give new year gifts to their boss

(中文) 中央不停指要反腐倡廉。今年的春節,各級官員的確有收歛,不過又未至於完全絕跡。有內地公務員指,新年時,面對上司都要”識做”…

Police search SF’s Potrero Hill after officer fires at suspect in stolen car

Police have swarmed part of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood to search for a suspect who was shot at by an officer after a car chase this afternoon…

Charges filed against Michigan prisoner escapee

A convicted killer captured after a one-day escape from a Michigan prison has been charged with kidnapping, carjacking and escape…

Pedestrian killed by car in SF Sunset District

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a car in San Francisco’s Sunset District this morning…